Catherine Malandrino Embraces Fashion 2.0!

June 8, 2009


The one and only Catherine Malandrino has re-launched her website & let us just say- it definitely kicks designer’s presence online up a notch! allows visitors to get sneak peeks behind the scenes to discover her passion, emotions, inspirations, and thoughts through her blog.

In both the Catherine Malandrino (contemporary collection) & Malandrino (runway collection) sections we can delve into past collections, see images and videos of runway shows and get a cool perspective of how Catherine Malandrino  has evolved and where she is going.

The site also allows you to listen to music from past runway shows, see video clips of recent travels, view all the press Ms. Malandrino is garnering, get info about upcoming events and check out what celebrities have been sporting her looks and purchase them with a few clicks!

Finally, you can join Catherine on August 20 for her first ever live online interactive broadcast appearance and get to hear lots more about the brand, fashion & design.

There’s even more to the site than we’ve mentioned so definitely check it out!

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