16 Chanel Ballet Flats Outfit Ideas

April 4, 2023

Chanel Two Tone Ballet Flats

My Chanel ballet flats have been my most worn shoe of the past near decade. I bought my first pair in Paris in 2016. I had never purchased anything at Chanel before and after years of wanting these shoes and months of saving, I finally made the purchase at the brand’s famed Rue Cambon store where Coco Chanel once lived. 

I love how comfortable and versatile these ballet flats are. They instantly elevate any look and are so well made that they’ve held up so well with just a few trips to my cobbler. 

The Chanel flats are instantly recognizable. A perfect round toe, an embossed Chanel logo on the toe and available in a variety of colors and fabrics. The shoes come in new styles and colors every season and the brand carries the classics year round. 

My first pair of the Chanel ballet flats were the iconic Chanel two tone ballet flats – beige with a black toe. They remain my favorite pair and most worn. The Chanel Beige Ballet flats are the perfect color tone to go with so many things in my wardrobe. 

In 2017 I purchased the all black with a patent toe. The Chanel Black Ballet Flats are also so streamlined and chic and really dress up a lot of my other clothes which I appreciate.

If you’ve been considering the Chanel ballet flats or are looking for ways to style yours, this post will serve as inspiration! You can pin the images or bookmark this post to come back to for outfit ideas. 

16 Chanel Ballet Flats Outfit Ideas

Black Lace Dress in Paris

With a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a staple in my wardrobe and a go-to style for evening. I love that the two-tone flats pair well with a black dress for when you don’t want to dress it up further with a pair of heels.

Sezane Trench coat with Striped Sweater Paris Outfit

With a Trench Coat

The two tone Chanel flats go really well with a timeless camel trench coat.

Paris Montmartre Guide

With Jeans and a Leather Jacket

My all black Chanel flats go well with a leather jacket and jeans.

Sezane Plaid Pants

With Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are a fun way to add some pattern to an outfit and I would wear this particular pair with the two tone flats or my all black pair for an even more streamlined look.

Bash Cropped Trench Coat

With Dark Denim and a Cropped Trench

I love how the two tone ballet flats pair with dark denim. It is a go-to style for me.

Classic Outfit I Veronica Beard Plaid Blazer in Paris with Celine Box Bag

With a Plaid Blazer

Love wearing plaid blazers or textured blazers like me? The Chanel two tone flats are beautiful with neutral colors in the jacket.

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

With Black & White

The all black Chanel ballet flats are perfect with black jeans and some pops of white.

Paris Cafe Outfit

With Black Pants

I always have a good pair of black pants in my wardrobe rotation. An ankle crop pair of black pants go so well with the Chanel flats. It’s a go-to work outfit perfect for meetings.

Agolde Riley Jeans and Bash Paris Jacket Fall Style

With Jeans and a Cropped Jacket

Another good dark wash jeans look with the Chanel flats is adding a cropped jacket. 

Paris Fall Outfit LaLigne sweater

With Stripes

I love wearing stripes with my two tone flats. I think navy pairs so well as a contrast to the black and tan. My favorite striped sweaters are by La Ligne.

Leather Pants Outfit

With Leather Pants

Leather pants are a great option for evening attire with your Chanel ballet flats instead of wearing them with a dress or jeans.

With Wideleg Jeans

Add a bit of 90s style to your look by pairing a wideleg jean with your Chanel flats. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is slim and tailored in order to balance out the proportion.

With Jeans and a Sweater

A go-to uniform for me is pairing my Chanel flats with a favorite pair of jeans and a good sweater.

With Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans will never go out of style so they pair well with the timeless Chanel ballet flat.

Paris Coats

With Ponte Pants

Ponte pants remind me of Audrey Hepburn and other stylish muses that have helped me hone my own personal style. 

Parisian favorites I wit & whimsy

With a Midi Dress

Have a midi dress you’d like to wear out on the town but want to avoid wearing heels? The Chanel ballet flats dress up well.

. . .

As you can tell, there’s good reasons why the Chanel Ballet Flats are one of my favorite shoes.

If you’re someone who likes more pops of color or texture in your outfits, consider the Chanel Tweed Ballet Flats or the Chanel Velvet Ballet Flats. The brand releases new tweed styles with fun colors and patterns every season. 

The brand also has the famous Chanel Quilted Ballet Flats. The quilting is reminiscent of their famous bags. It’s not a style I like personally, however.

If you’re not able to splurge for the Chanel Ballet Flats, an affordable lookalike I can recommend can be found here.

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. Melissa Malone says:

    I have been wanting these ballet flats for a while now but I notice recently they have changed the color from beige/black to ivory/black which I feel makes it harder to style because the ivory is a bit too summery in my opinion

    Any idea why or if they intend to offer the beige/black again?

    • Meghan says:

      They definitely still have the classic beige/black but you’ll need to look in-store as they aren’t sold online! My BFF just bought them last month in store 🙂

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