Chic Nail Art Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2016

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I always love when I get wind of great gems in New York City. I’m one of those people who screenshots a place or a meal on my phone so I remember to make note and visit or can add a spot to my ever-growing bucket list.

So last year when I saw Racked write up the best nail salons in New York and spotted Hortus Nailworks not too far from my apartment, I knew I had to try it out. And ever since my first visit last Fall, I’ve been obsessed. I tell all my girlfriends about it and even added it to my guide to NYC. The manicures are meticulous (which I very much appreciate) and the space small, but intimate and so relaxing. Cafe jazz or Frank Sinatra plays, it’s warm and cozy and lest me not forget to mention the manicures last significantly longer than the dime-a-dozen nail places you usually find in the city. The gel manicures? They’ll stay on for nearly 3 weeks. File under: #lifechanging.

Hortus Nailworks I NYC

Since I’ve been going for the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know owner Jane MacColla and I always look forward to my chats with her when I pop in. She and I were talking last week and nail art came up. She threw out an idea of collaborating on some inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend and mentioned navy nails with a subtle heart shape. I was game and when I went in this week, I fell in love with the concept Jane and her artist Patricia came up with and executed.

I’ve never done navy on my nails before but it is safe to say this won’t be the last time I do it. Patricia painted my nails in Essie’s In My Boyfriend Jeans and drew the precise, yet chic hearts on my ring fingers leaving the shape itself bare. I love it for how sleek it is and how it will remain ok even in the days post-Valentine’s Day.

Hortus Nailworks Nail Art I wit & whimsy

If you’re looking for something chic and different for this coming Valentine’s Day (and nail prep is on your pre-holiday to-do list!), I highly recommend you go see Jane and the lovely ladies who do such a beautiful job on nails at Hortus. (And hey, they just got Vogue approved so you know it’s really good.)

Hortus Nailworks is located at 210 Forsyth Street (at Houston Street) and I would recommend you make a reservation before you head in. Give Jane a ring at 917.475.1558. You will not be disappointed and hey, I’m also always available for a nail date if you ever want to get together! xx

Chic Valentine's Day Inspired Nail Art

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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  1. caitie says:

    navy nail polish is one of my favorites! this manicure looks fantastic–i love that the hearts are bare!

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