Coat Crushes

October 27, 2011



Chris & Jaime Trench Cape, $275

3.1 Phillip Lim Short Coat, $800

Vince Hooded Double Face Coat, $675

Vince Belted Cape, $750

Diane von Furstenberg Cropped Coat, $545

Helmut Lang Layered Collar Coat, $1,520

With snow in the forecast for Saturday here in New York, I’m not going to lie, my last eight years in California have me prepared none whatsoever. The only upside to this upcoming winter that I’m entirely not used to? All the coats grazing city streets. Beautiful leather detailing, crisp collars, capes and all sorts of other shapes…it’s eye candy. There were so many beautiful ones on the runway for this season and loads of lovelies as seen above.

I’m crushing on all of those above but am seriously considering hunting down the perfect cape for the season- thoughts?!


7 comments on “Coat Crushes”

  1. I am curently crushing on capes so bad it’s ridiculous! I want the jcrew wool one, but too bad it’s $400. I’m on the hunt for the perfect cape at the perfect price. I’ll probably do a polyvore set on capes for tomorrow’s post! Let me know what your finds are! Good luck on the hunt!


  2. Thankfully my mom saved one of her capes from the seventies so for the past two seasons i’ve been wearing that! Super comfy wool hooded cape! As soon as it gets too cold for my lighter one that I got at ASOS for the best price ever I’ll be switching over to keep warm! But I am head over heels in love with capes!

  3. I’m so glad there are others who lust after coats and jackets. I have SO many of them! I lived in Southern California for 5 years and since there wasn’t a need for coats, I just bought jackets and scarves. Now that I’m back in the Northeast I have coats, jackets, scarves, hats… It’s the only good thing about the cold weather!
    If you ever get homesick for Cali, send me a note. I miss it and would love to talk to someone else who has moved away but misses it like me.

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