9 Coats to Wear in Paris

April 3, 2023

Coats to Wear in Paris

As the founder of En Route to Rêverie I have been to Paris during every season of the year and one constant in my suitcase is I always have a coat of some kind! During the colder season you’ll of course need a coat but throughout the rest of the year the right layer is key to have to top all your outfits.

If you’re traveling to Paris and wondering what kind of coat to consider bringing, this post will help you! No matter what month you are traveling, a good layering piece is essential. Parisian women are so stylish and I also love to see what they are wearing when I am visiting Paris.

I usually pick my jackets based on neutral colors because I want to be able to ensure that the coats that I pack can go with every outfit I have planned. 

In fact, I am someone who really plans out what they will wear in advance. I first start with a neutral color palette and from there I try on and build out my outfits. The coats I bring are usually the last decision I make. I want to see how much room I have and then I also want to ensure I have two coats in two different colors to serve as toppers to every outfit I plan to wear.

I am someone who swears by packing lists. And I have shared a lot of Paris Packing Lists to help inspire stylish and comfortable outfits for your visit to the City of Light. The Paris Packing Lists are intended to be like mini capsule wardrobes and they rely on mixing and matching.

9 Coats To Wear In Paris

Classic Topcoat | Coats to Wear in Paris

Long Tailored Coat

Paris in the winter can be cold and a long tailored coat makes for the perfect topper. I like one in black as it works well for both day and night. It pairs well with leather boots or ankle boots as well as sneakers and ballet flats.

Sezane Navy Coat La Ligne Striped Sweater Inez Boots London Outfit Fall

Wrap Coat

I think a wrap coat is so stylish and love that you can add visual interest and change up your look when you either wear it closed or open. Worn open with a pair of jeans is a great casual look and then you can belt the coat and dress it up for nights out on the town in Paris.

Sarah Flint Natalie Bow Flat in Nude I wit & whimsy

Double Breasted Wool Coat

A double breasted wool coat is a timeless silhouette and one I reach for on most of my Fall and Winter trips. I like that it layers well over another jacket such as a blazer or leather jacket and can easily be worn casually during the day or dressed up for evenings out in Paris.

Spring Paris Outfit | Classic Trench Coat

Classic Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is one of my most worn coats in Paris. It’s perfect for warmer Fall days and essential for rainy days in Paris. I love to bring one in a camel color but I also have a black one I often bring when it will be warmer and therefore I can get away with less coats on my trip.

This trench I’m wearing above has a good somewhat oversized fit so it actually layers well over my leather jacket if I need more layers (or have to wear an extra coat on the plane that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase!)

And when you pack your trench coat don’t forget to pack a travel umbrella. Rain in Paris is usually a matter of when not if! You could also consider a trench coat with a hood if you’d prefer.

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Bash Cropped Trench Coat | Coats to Wear in Paris

Cropped Trench Coat

Have less room in your suitcase? Or not a lot of rain on the calendar? A cropped trench coat may be the perfect option for you.

Leather Jacket outfit in Paris

Leather Jacket

Year round I bring a leather jacket with me. It is my go-to for evenings out in Paris. I love to style mine over dresses, with jeans and with skirts.

Paris Winter Outfit | Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer is a great layering coat. You can wear it on its own more casually for daytime adventures or you can throw it on over a dress with a belt over it. I also love wearing my collection of blazers with a pair of jeans.

J.Crew Lady Jacket Fall Outfit | Coats to Wear in Paris

Cropped Textured Coat

My suitcase is usually full of little jackets year round when I pack for Paris. Certain days in Paris can feature several seasons in one so having some options with you is key. I find little jackets really versatile. They pair well over short or long sleeve tees, over dresses and they go great with a pair of jeans. 

Sezane Fall Collection I wit & whimsy

Car Coat

A car coat is a streamlined topper that I think is good for days in Paris when you don’t know what to expect for the weather. If you’ll be in Paris in Spring and the weather looks like it may be a bit chilly, I think this is a great coat option that works well for day or evening plans.

. . .

Remember that in addition to planning what coats to bring, you can’t forget about comfortable walking shoes! Read my guide on the Best Shoes to Wear in Paris.

I hope you find this post helpful! Let me know what coats you like to bring to Paris in the comments and if you’re off to Paris soon – please say a quick bonjour to the Eiffel Tower for moi!

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