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October 24, 2008

I’d like to tell you that my interest in and love for interior design only just started when I got my own place- however, I’d be lying. I have loved interior design since high school when I took a class in it and was shown just how fabulous decorating can be. (My friend, Jill, works at Hogue and gets to pick out fab furniture like that from Knoll and deck out companies- how fun!)

It’s true, a dream of mine is to one day own a home that I can decorate for my family from top to bottom. But until that day comes, I’ll stick to my budget and my smaller space for now.

I’ve told you about my love of Anthropologie’s home line and this past weekend I fell in love all over again with Crate & Barrel and its less expensive, more modern partner in crime: CB2. I picked up gifts for three gals at the two counterparts and wandered forever. It seemed as though- at every corner- there was something new to gaze at, fall in love with or completely lust after. Oh to have all the money in the world…

The biggest accomplishment though was to realize how do-able decorating for yourself is. So many looks can be re-created if you don’t have the cash money dollars to do them like you see in the pages of the best catalogues. Places like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel become so much more affordable though if you check their websites frequently for sales and pop your head in the stores when you see one to see if any special promotions are occurirng. It may just be worth it to spend the extra few minutes!

A room (or a friend) could always use a little pick-me-up and home accents are just the thing! Practical and pretty- it’s a sure way to spread smiles and style. And let’s face it- a WIT’s home has an obligation to be witty! These stores are sure to help with moving in that direction.

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