Designer Profile: Marc Jacobs

December 1, 2008

Marc Jacobs has to be one of my favorite new designers. Aside from my coveted bag, this Black Friday, I added to my MJ collection. His designs, while sometimes a bit out there, are fun, fresh and completely adaptable to various occasions. Tops could easily give dress pants an edge in the office and then would carry you right into post-work cocktail hour or a night out.

In my mind, it’s often easy for designers to miss the mark (i.e.; many examples you’ve witnessed on Project Runway) by being eventful and imaginative, but somewhere along the way they lose sight of the bottom line: what do people really want to wear. Marc Jacobs seems to always keep this in mind while designing his collections. Whether you want dresses with a bit of grunge flair or a perfect party skirt, his line provides you with endless options. A total character himself, Marc has built himself quite the empire of fans. Many stars, including Victoria Beckham and Sofia Coppola, love him so much that they’ve happily starred in ad campaigns for him. Little known fact about Marc? He actually developed and launched Louis Vuitton’s first read-to-wear line in 1997.

So how does a WIT get her hands on the fab Marc Jacobs clothes without breaking the bank? First, realize there is a distinct difference in price between Marc Jacobs’s self-named collection/brand and the separate, line, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Marc by Marc Jacobs is significantly less expensive and boutique stores can be found in major cities (on Fillmore and California for you San Francisco WITs). Your best bet though? Sales at Bloomingdales, Neimens and Saks. When they have good sales you can snatch up styles for often, up to 40% off. So I recommend keeping an eye out. If you don’t already, you’ll soon have some MJ assets hanging in your closet.

See Marc’s Spring 2009 line from NY Fashion Week here. It will get you excited for what’s to come!

photos courtesy of Marc Jacobs

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