September 10, 2008

Eating and shopping. Shopping and eating. No matter the order- they are two of a WITs favorite things to do. Which is why the guides are so brilliant! My dear friend in Chicago, Lauren, just told me about them and I know I’ve picked them up off cute, ornate tables in darling boutiques and willed myself not to buy it for it undoubtly would make me spend more money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a copy for your own city and start exploring! (Let’s be honest, after this post I’ll most likely go out and buy one!)

Tailored to cities all over (from Vancouver and London to Chicago and San Francisco), the guides can lead you to everything hip, fun, chic, new, hidden, delicious or beautiful. If we get real, it’s no mystery that tourist books really can’t always provide the best direction within your various destinations. Yes, they’re good for those “must sees,” but your idea of a must see (read: the boutique that makes you want to buy everything from vintage jewelery to lingerie to that gorgeous bag because everything in it is just so darn fabulous) may not be the same idea of a must see from Mr. Travel Guide (read: the place Christopher Columbus landed).

Thus, the beauty of these little books. Plus, as Lauren informed me, the witty dialogue from the lovely ladies behind these books emobodies how we WITs think about clothing, fashion and fun. Sounds perfect, right?

So go forth…EAT! SHOP! and be WITTY!

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  1. ANG* says:

    i got this very one for christmas from my roommate this year. its wonderful 🙂

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