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March 1, 2018

Teddy Coat and Kick Flares on Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy 3

At 32 years old I’m not one to jump on every trend that comes along. There have been many fashion trends in recent years where I think to myself “are you kidding me?” only to shake my head at how I suddenly sound like my mother more and more. That being said, every now and then there is a trend I see that I get on board with and teddy coats was the one for this winter season.

Teddy Coat

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted the great debate about this coat. I wasn’t sure when I got it in the mail (it is slightly oversized and doesn’t do anything for my figure so I put an InstaStories poll up and the results were 51% KEEP and 49% SEND BACK. I was so torn! But, then, I ultimately wore it around and it is just so comfy and so cozy I realized why everyone had gravitated towards the teddy coat style this season! I kept it and I am so glad I did.

Kick Flare Jeans with Booties I wit & whimsy

Kick flare jeans were also a trend I thought to myself “nah” when they started popping up and then this pair made me a believer. They look so great with sandals, mules and high-ankle booties so I’ve been wearing the style a lot throughout the last nine months are so. (I found some great other pairs by favorite denim brands of mine and linked them at the bottom of the post!)

Teddy Coat and Kick Flares on Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy

This teddy coat is from the brand Emerson Fry which I had long admired but never shopped from and now can’t wait to see what else they release! The pieces are very classic but often with a more modern twist and then they throw in a few trendier items like this coat or something in sequins. The line is beautifully curated and they do very limited production of each item so you kind of have to get while the gettin’ is good. The line is also family owned and produced in the U.S. which I really love.

Kick Flare Jeans & Booties

Also side note: I truly can’t stop wearing these booties. They were an investment for sure but are so comfortable and great for dressing up for client meetings or down with a casual pair of jeans like seen in this post.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy

Can you believe I’m letting my hair grow out? The roots here are my natural color and as mentioned here I am working towards getting back to being a bit more au naturel. I’ve grown tired of the constant maintenance involved with highlighting so going to see how this goes! (Although my mom said ombre makes me look lazy – HAHA!)

Teddy Coat and Kick Flares on Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy 6

I think sometimes when I get bored with what’s in my closet, I turn to some of the trendier items to figure out how to make them my own. Jeans + sweater + booties are my uniform this time of year but adding a fun coat was an easy way to make this outfit more stylish and a little more interesting. It’s towards the end of a season that I always start to get bored with my wardrobe so I often turn to my Pinterest boards to find outfit inspo. It helps me with having a bit of excitement vs. exhaustion when it comes to getting dressed in the morning!

Teddy Coat + Pearl Details

Zara Sweater // Emerson Fry Coat (Wearing a M; Similar style I’ve seen on girls all over NYC here) // MOTHER Jeans (similar styles on sale here, here, here, here) // Booties (on promo through tomorrow! Also seen here, here – so, so comfortable!) // Bag

Don’t miss the rest of my Shopbop sale picks here! I ended up buying this jumpsuit in a bigger size (I had bought it in a 6 the other week and loved it but it was too tight so I ordered a size up) and also got this dress (obsessed!), this dress and these sandals.

p.s. French girl inspired style & more Winter neutrals.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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  1. Kate Scott says:

    LOVE this look on you! So cute, going to need to copy it ASAP!

  2. Claire says:

    Cozy teddy. Def a keeper. But those jeans on you though!!!!!! I guess Mother really does know best. Except with ombré, my mom doesn’t get the ombré either. Digging the darker blonde tones on you- loved the sweet buttercream, but the natural roots look rich and modern.

    Seconded! I will also be recreating this outfit. You look like a zillion bucks!!!!

  3. Cait says:

    Need this entire look. That coat + those boots!!

  4. Nirvana says:

    Oh, So teddy coat lovely!?

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