Introducing En Route to Rêverie Travel Atelier

January 29, 2024

En Route to Rêverie

When I first had the idea to put all my Paris knowledge to use to help others have amazing trips, I never quite imagined it would grow into a full fledged business. I anticipated it would be a hobby in some of my free time.

I just wanted to put to use all my expertise, my research, my high standard of criteria and use it to help others have the best trip to Paris possible. I felt it was a gift to start to spend a portion of my every day “in” Paris as I planned each client’s trip.

En Route to Rêverie

Introducing En Route to Rêverie

When I joined my travel advisory EMBARK in late 2022 I was provided resources and assets I previously didn’t have. And I began training to familiarize myself with more parts of being a travel advisor. 

With many requests for London, I launched London, Perfected in Fall of 2022.

And year after year I so enjoyed helping people plan their trips to Paris and London. In less than five years, the advisory worked with over 700 clients for Paris and London!

With happy clients came requests for other parts of France (and other parts of the world!) And given my deep history with travel to France and England, it was something I began to consider. 

As such, in 2023 I spent a lot of the year vetting places, learning more about the travel industry and sourcing on the ground partners in and outside of Paris that would be able to help my clientele. I hired a Paris-based team member in 2023 as well who serves as my eyes and ears in France.

And, to account for the advisory’s momentum and growth, today marks a new chapter for my travel advisory.
En Route to Rêverie

En Route to Rêverie (formerly Paris, Perfected) is a boutique travel atelier offering personalized recommendations and travel planning across France and England based on what’s important to you when you travel and includes exclusive insider tips, promotional pricing and special extras you won’t get anywhere else.

En Route to Rêverie

What is Rêverie?



a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

This business was built out of my love of research, of finding experiences that make you so happy, make you feel so aware of the memories being made. It’s an honor to share my point of view when traveling and I can’t wait to continue doing so through En Route to Rêverie.

En Route to Rêverie

The En Route to Rêverie Travel Atelier

With my Atelier, you’ll discover the best experiences, elevated addresses and well-appointed ways to spend your time when you travel in France and England. En Route to Rêverie is a proud affiliate of EMBARK Beyond, a Virtuoso Member and is endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide.

En Route to Rêverie

The En Route to Rêverie Offerings

Haute Rêverie

As Haute Couture is to fashion, Haute Rêverie is to bespoke travel. This new offering is for clients interested in help planning their trip to more than one destination in France and England. So think Paris + Provence. Provence + Riviera. London + The Cotswolds. Or, for example, a two week trip through the South of France.

Given the heavy lift of this type of bespoke planning and our small team, this product will be by request only. Should your trip sound like the right fit for our team to help, we’ll proceed in taking a deposit and start a trip proposal for you.

Haute Rêverie clients will also be required to book their accommodations with our team at one of our preferred partners so keep this in mind when requesting your booking.

This product also includes a 30-minute advisory call to answer any questions or share more about trip details should clients request it and it includes WhatsApp access to me for more of-of-the-moment requests. 

This product is more in line with how typical travel advisors work and due to the nature of it, we will only be able to take on a certain amount every year. 

En Route to Rêverie

Rêverie in Paris and Rêverie in London

Rêverie in Paris is what the former Paris, Perfected Plans offered. Standard and Premiere Plans designed to help you enjoy the best of the city.

Rêverie in London is the former London, Perfected Plan. Standard and Premiere Plans designed to help you enjoy the best of the city.

The What’s New in Paris Plan is also still available for former clients returning to Paris.

For now, all of these Plans can be booked without approval and are paid for upfront as they used to. You’ll be placed in our queue depending on whether you’re a Rush Client and depending on when you plan to travel. If you need accommodations, we’ll handle this as a first step shortly after your order comes through.

En Route to Rêverie

Little Black Book of Rêverie

As part of the new brand, we’re also introducing a Little Black Book of Rêverie to offer the Atelier’s vetted vendors to those who aren’t interested in having a Plan built for them.

En Route to Rêverie

Rêverie Accommodations

Do you just want to get some VIP Perks at your hotel in France or England? Our Atelier will gladly book your hotel, villa or luxury apartment for you at one of our partner properties who extends amenities to our clients through Rêverie Accommodations.

As an accredited travel advisor, my clients benefit from my carefully vetted hotel partners in ways such as:
+ Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
+ Daily Breakfast for up to two guests per bedroom
+ $100 USD equivalent Food & Beverage credit to be utilized during stay
+ Early Check-In / Late Check-Out, subject to availability
+ VIP welcome
+ Complimentary Wi-Fi
+ Complimentary hotel transfers for suites and above

En Route to Rêverie

This business is driven by my love of travel and finding experiences, meals, views and more that bring you to a blissful state. We vet what we feel is the best for you personally as a client and the Plans are designed thoughtfully and carefully and with much attention to detail.

Every client Plan is developed with so many filters in place. We think of the best ways for you to spend your time based on what you want to do, your budget, your travel preferences, your travel partners, where you’re staying, whether you’ve been before (and how many times if so!) + so many other nuanced factors. There is no one and done PDF we send to clients.

I am so grateful for the momentum this business has seen and am so grateful to every past client who has trusted me to help plan their travel.

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  1. Katelyn says:

    Such an exciting expansion of your amazing business!

  2. Laurie Robinson Hay says:

    I’m so excited for you Meghan. This sounds like an excellent opportunity to expand your talents while helping others create once in a lifetime memories.

  3. Clare says:

    Congrats Meghan! It looks like 2024 is going to be your year!!

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