Epicurious on the Go

August 24, 2009


Recently we came across a great iPhone app that will change your life….well cooking life that is. Courtesy of the people who bring you Epicurious, their iPhone app (also for the iPod touch) is so great,  you’ll get off your tush  and to the store in search of ingredients for the recipes.

We downloaded the app (for free!) a few weeks back and have been experimenting with the recipes since. What’s particularly great about this app is you can search for recipes by ingredient, meal type, cuisine – you name it. There are even categories for weeknight dinners, healthy snacks and cocktail recipes. For instance, we have a bottle of elderflower concentrate we want to include in a cocktail, we searched “elderflower’ and voila – up came a handful or cocktail recipes we could create with elderflower as an ingredient. Love it!

As for the other features? The app gives you the ability to save recipes in your virtual recipe box and transfer ingredients into a shopping list. Can you say genius? Perfect for the girl on the go who is trying to spread her culinary wings. We’re seriously addicted to this app, in fact, we just created a shopping list for three weeknight dinners we want to try. Now it’s just a matter of gathering the stamina to hit Trader Joe’s after work… le sigh.

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