How I Deal With Stress

November 8, 2017

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears an all black look

Last week I mentioned that I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed and stressed recently. It’s been a combination of factors ranging from too much on my to do list and multiple back to back to trips to fighting a cold that featured a cough that wouldn’t quit and a lack of quality sleep. Being extra busy both with my PR company and wit & whimsy has led to a lot of late nights working and my self-care as a result has seemingly gone out the window.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears an all black look

Last Friday night I looked at the clock on my computer and it was 11:45PM. I had barely looked up and was powering through a lot I had on my plate but working to midnight on a Friday is not something I’m proud of! Right then and there I decided to close my computer and make time the following day to start enacting some de-stressing measurements.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears an all black look

First and foremost I decided to get back to meditating regularly so am working towards making time for 10-15 minutes of meditation at least three times a week. This week I don’t have time to go to the Inscape studio so I’ll be using their app instead.

I also booked myself a massage which is a major treat. My body has been aching of recent and I’ve not been doing enough to listen to it. I splurge on a proper massage usually only a couple of times of year but this afternoon I’m taking time to make it happen. The time away from my phone will be very welcomed and I’m hopeful I can work to quiet my mind during that time.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears an all black look

On days that are going to be particularly stressful and busy, I also work to wake up a bit earlier than my calendar requires so I can have a slower morning enjoying my coffee and reading the news. Or better yet if the weather allows I’ll take a walk and listen to a favorite podcast. I also swear by deep breathing when I’m feeling overwhelmed or trouble falling asleep. Another thing that always makes me feel better when I’m stressed is a call to a good friend. It’s a welcomed break from my to do list and email inboxes.

And, finally, I make sure I prioritize working out no matter how busy my calendar looks. I used to see working out as a task but now I look at my classes as a way to mentally take care of myself (along with the obvious physical benefits). The hour away from my phone doing something good for myself always feels like a necessary break.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears an all black look

Do you guys have any tried & true ways you battle stress? I’d love to hear about them!

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