Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Every Day

May 5, 2020

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy's Brooklyn Apartment Tour

With all of us spending so much more time at home these days, I thought it would be nice to share a list of little things you can do to upgrade your every day. I’ve been much more tuned into the little things that spark joy these days – they matter more than ever right now in my opinion – and I think it is good to treat ourselves to those things.

Easy Every Day Upgrades:

Aquis Towel. A hair towel that helps your hair get less frizzy and helps it dry faster? Yes, please. Two years since purchasing this hair towel I am still grateful for it every time I use it. (Said as someone who really hates to blow dry her hair!) All of my girlfriends now own one and we often share how much we love it.

The Perfect No Makeup Makeup. The smallest amount of this Erborian BB Creme goes a long way to making me feel more put together. It instantly evens out my skin tone and makes me glowy in a I-look-like-I-got-8-hours-of-sleep kinda way. It’s one of few makeup products I am reaching for these days.

Room Spray. I have a new found love for my Bryedo Cotton Poplin Room Spray that makes my whole house smell like it was freshly laundered. This brand is particularly pricey but lots of brands make room sprays. This one sounds similar in fragrance to mine and I also love the scents that The White Company makes for their candles so I imagine their home sprays are also great. Using a room spray feels like cleaning your house without the actual work making it a very easy upgrade to work into your home every day.

Good Sheets and Towels. No better time than now to have bath towels and bed sheets that you love crawling into after a hot shower and a long day, respectively. My favorite Brooklinen Sheets stay cool to the touch yet soft and cozy and I literally love getting under them every night. And their Super Plush Towels are aptly named. Like having a luxe hotel towel in your own bathroom.

Pajamas You Love. I have a drawer full of good pjs but I always come back to my Eberjey Gisele Pajamas. I’ve had them for six years and they still look good as new. They remain so soft, so cozy and truly the quality is unparalleled to the many brands that have knocked off the style. I’ll soon transition to my short set of the same style as the weather continues to warm up.

Slip Silk Scrunchis. I used to always tie my hair back with a traditional hair elastic but given I no longer do my hair and only wear it in a low bun these days, I’ve been opting for using one of these silk scrunchis that prevents damage when your hair is being held back.

Slip Silk Eye Mask. With daylight starting earlier and earlier these days, I find the only way I have a shot of staying in bed past 7 is to wear an eye mask. This lightweight one has been my favorite for years.

CBD Softgels. I began incorporating these CBD softgels into my daily routine as a daily drip of sorts last month and man, has it offered welcome relief to my anxiety. I feel less anxious, more calm and overall just a better sense of balance since starting a regimen of these. If recommended to you by a Equilbria dosage consultant, you can get 15% off your first order when using code witwhimsy at checkout.

Ugg Robe. As crazy as it may sound, every time I put this robe on I am grateful for it. I have it in a size small and the fit is great on it. The lining is insanely soft and it just feels like a hug after I get out of the shower or bath. 

Good underwear. Life is too short for uncomfortable underwear. Knickey features clean, cool, certified organic cotton underwear and I absolutely love their thongs. Seriously the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever owned.

Good Hand Soap & Hand Lotion. With all the constant hand washing, my skin has been very happy to have nice hand soap (that’s non-toxic) and hand lotion – both from Follain’s in-house clean brand.

Probiotics. My life 100% changed for the better when I started taking probiotics. The Olly Probiotics taste delicious enough to remind me to take them every day and my digestion is grateful for it.

Cuyana Key Chain. Never have to worry about finding your keys again. This chic tassle makes it easy for me to always find my keys – no matter how big or stuffed my bag is. It’s a little thing that has upgraded my day by taking away the nagging question of “what did I do with my keys?”

Five Minute Journal. Using my 5 Minute Journal was the best habit I got into last year. Nearly a year and a half of use later I still love the self awareness it drives in my day. Now, even more so during this pandemic, the act of writing down what I’d like to accomplish in a day to feel good, acknowledging the good things that happen in the day and identifying the things I’m grateful for, make me feel much more at peace during all this uncertainty we’re all dealing with.

Girl’s Night in Newsletter. I always look forward to the Girl’s Night In newsletter when it hits my inbox every Friday. And if you like my Weekly Roundups, you’ll most likely like this newsletter. Having something you actually look forward to in your inbox is always a welcomed upgrade to the day in my opinion!

Airpods. My Airpods are my constant companion on my daily walks. I can’t believe how much I have come to love them. So much of an upgrade on getting caught in wires and untangling my old Apple earphones! 

Boomerang for Gmail. If you’re like me you find it hard to turn off at the end of the day. I remain obsessive about checking new emails till pretty much I go to bed at night. But for my work email inboxes, last year I installed the Boomerang plugin and started pausing them at the end of the day. It was one of the best things to happen to me to lower my anxiety. It also ensures I’m not getting stressed or distracted by work on the weekends in particular. If someone needs me urgently, they know how to reach me and it won’t be by my inbox anyhow.

Hydration Reminder. Being somewhat out of sorts with my usual habits and routines has meant I’ve been drinking less water so I’m glad I rediscovered this smart hydration reminder that will blink and let you know when it’s been too long since your last sip from your favorite water bottle.

Cozy, Non-toxic Candles. Affordable and gorgeous candles that burn well and will make your home oh-so-cozy from female founded small business Otherland. Their 3 piece gift sets are what I often send as thank you gifts to brand partners.  Personal favorites include Canopy, Kindling & Day Bed. They are also donating 10% of sales to NYC Food Banks right now. Also available on Shopbop and Nordstrom now.

. . .

Do you have any little life upgrades you’d recommend to others? I’d love to hear them.



p.s. uplifting things you can do right now and ideas on how to spend your time during shelter in place.

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  1. Monica N Hanna says:

    I gotta say…when I first saw you recommend Brooklinen a couple of years ago, I thought you were crazy to be paying that much for towels and linens. And somehow, I now have Brooklinen sheets on my bed and the super plush towels in my bathroom and there’s no way i’m going back. There’s such a tangible difference between my target/macys sheets and these, even right out of the dryer. And the towels just feel like the coziest hug. These will last for years and years of constant use. Thank you for the excellent recommendation!

    • Meghan says:

      Monica I love this comment!! Thank you for trusting my recommendations and taking time to come here and tell me you’re happy with the purchases! Totally hear you on the investment but really do think they are worth it! So glad you’ve joined me as a Brooklinen fan!

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