Facial Cleansing Best Practices

May 26, 2015


As I got older, I started to get mildly obsessive compulsive about my skin. I had relatively bad acne up until my late 20s when I finally got a routine from my dermatologist that worked and I became committed to facials every few months. Since March I’ve been experimenting with dry cleansing at night and have found it has left my skin feeling cleaner and smoother but I was curious to know more about cleansing best practices.

So I went straight to my favorite skincare source – Mario Badescu. So good that they are in my guide to NYC, the aestheticians at Mario Badescu are the best of the best and their facials are part of my routine (they start around a very reasonable $60 and are more clinical than they are spa-like which I appreciate.) Armed with questions, I asked Elena Arboleda who is the Head Aesthetician at the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon to see if she could share her expertise with you guys! Read on to hear what she recommends.

What are your thoughts on dry cleaning?

I think it is generally best to use your cleanser the way that the directions on the label instruct. That is the way the product is formulated to be used. Some cleansers, especially oil-based ones, do work better when they are applied to dry skin. Since water and oil don’t mix applying an oil-based cleanser to dry skin allows it direct contact with the oils on the skin. This allows the cleanser to dissolve and lift the dirt and oil on the skin so that they then can be lifted away.

What is tissue cleansing*? What skin types is it best for?

Tissue-off cleansers have been around for decades. Most tissue-off cleansers are oil-based. Since oil dissolves, excess oil and makeup are broken down as you massage this type of cleanser into the skin. This makes it possible to then wipe away the cleanser with tissues along with dirt and makeup. This type of cleanser can be used for a variety of skin types and is best suited for aging, dry, and/or sensitive skin.

*Tissue cleansing is practiced at Mario Badescu for many facials depending on your skin type.

How often should one aim to get a facial?

We generally suggest every 4-6 weeks. Some people have skin types or conditions that make it necessary to visit more or less frequently.

What are the benefits of getting extractions from a trained professional?

You should really never attempt to squeeze or extract a pimple yourself. Improper extractions cause trauma to the skin and can lead to scarring and infection. Aestheticians are licensed and trained to extract in a way that will speed healing and not worsen the situation.

What about double-cleansing?

Double-cleansing has been a popular cleansing method in recent years and it is fine as long as the combination of cleansers that you are using isn’t stripping the skin. Most cleansers are formulated to be used on their own, assuming that you are using one that is appropriate for your skin type, one should do the trick. If you want to try this method I wouldn’t suggest pairing cleansers yourself, make sure the formulas that you use are meant to work together and are appropriate for your individual skin type and concerns.

Any cleansing rituals you prescribe to? I’d love to hear!

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