Fashion Fantasy

February 27, 2009

So I was just reading this post on ShopBop’s ShopTalk blog and it made me think of my long-standing secret desire to be in the fashion industry. Actually, it’s probably not that secret seeing as I blog about fashion all the time, am obsessed with clothes, bags, shoes, you name it and can never, ever get enough of designers and style (or straight up shopping for that matter!)

I’ve always imagined (since I was rather little) what it would be like to soak in New York or Paris Fashion Week. I mean, the clothes, the models, the makeup, the trends, the cameras, the designers, the celebrities, the lights, music…(insert wishful sigh here). It all just looks and sounds go breathtaking, stimulatining & inspirational.

Now I know the fashion industry isn’t all pretty, but I can’t help but be a little jealous of the New York scene where you can be totally engrossed in it all. (And, I’ll be honest, while I sort of hate myself for watching it, I’m actually jealous of Whitney Port in The City because working at DVF seems like it would be just so amazingly fun!)

So while I totally adore my job (the people, the clients, the atmosphere- seriously, all great. I’m ridiculously lucky) I think I’ll always have that feeling deep inside me that I would love to be at a company like Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, alice + olivia, Diane von Furstenberg, Rachel Pally…my list could go on for days, let’s be honest 🙂 Hey, a WIT can dream…

photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

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