Fashion Week Fall 2010: Haute Hippie

February 21, 2010

Haute Hippie’s collections never fail to impress. Their garments are consistently praised for letting women seamlessly take their outfits from day to night and the label never ceases to somehow always find exactly the right balance between eclectic style and sophistication.

When we attended Haute Hippie’s presentation for their Fall 2010 collection, we could not have been more excited- we’re obsessed with this designer. With champagne flowing and the designer himself on hand (with his two cute kids!), we took in all the impeccable beauty that was on display. The luxury of the items didn’t have an ounce of stiffness or too stuff a feel about them and that’s what we’ve always loved about Haute Hippie: Luxury meets lifestyle.

This season, Haute Hippie showed off some of their trademark sequins on garments as well as beaded accents. The leather jackets were sporting either large lapels (a trend we’ve been seeing across all of the runway for Fall) or had delicate quilting sewn in.

Browns, khakis and creams came in ruffles (gorgeous, gorgeous ruffles), beautiful leather boots and jackets, as well as fur and striped knits. Haute Hippie did throw in a bit of elegance meets the wild west, but it is just subtle enough that the pieces can easily be worn in bunches of styles.

Here are some pictures we snapped while in the cool loft-like space. We can’t wait to see the pieces in stores!

Have a favorite look?

One portion of the room filled with models. LOVE this leather jacket.

Second half of the room. I’m loving the color combination’s here as well as the statement necklaces (glad that trend isn’t on it’s way out!)

Favorite look of the collection- for sure. We want that skirt!

This color palette is just so wonderful. It screams, cozy and comfortable, but without lacking a luxurious appearance.

This skirt is just so of life. Amazing.

Can’t get enough of this dress. We see it being bought for lots of Summer and Fall occasions.

Obsessed with these shoes. They’re like a take on those gorgeous Manolos Carrie Bradshaw had in Sex and the City.

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  1. I LOVE HAUTE HIPPIE BUT LET ME INFORM YOU THAT YOU HAD MADE A LITTLE MISTAKE. WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THE DESIGNER AS A “HIM”? Haute Hippie designer is Trish Wescoat Pound and its a “SHE” who has a wonder beautiful daughter (only) i know because i’ve work for her company before. no offense but first check out your sources before publishing false facts. GREAT ARTICLE!

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