Fashion WTF: Teva Stilettos

December 14, 2010

My brother sent me this link last night and I could scarcly believe my eyes when I read that the heinous shoes that are Tevas, now have their maker producing stiletto versions.

Yes, I understand that Tevas are functional for a variety of outdoorsy activities in which I don’t ever partake, but… a) they’re horrible eyesores and b) what in god’s name is the point of tacking on a four inch heel to them?? It’s not like you can go hiking or rafting or any of those other crazy sporty things people do out in the wild blue yonder.

And the most laughable part? Teva slapped a price tag of $330 on these. Seriously?? I hope this is a joke. However sadly it’s not April Fools…

Teva Fashion WTF #1
Teva Fashion WTF #2

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photos courtesy of Teva via Treehugger

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