Three Favorite Cookbooks

July 6, 2020

Three Favorite Cookbooks I wit & whimsy

I’ve largely always enjoyed cooking. I have a lot of happy memories in the kitchen growing up and when I had roommates it was always fun to get together over making a meal. For the past four months I’ve cooked more consecutive meals though than ever before in my life. Quarantine cooking became a bright spot in the day – something to look forward to. And I’ve been turning to three favorite cookbooks over and over again during this time.

Three Favorite Cookbooks

You may sense a theme from the following three books: e-a-s-y.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple.

I can’t even count on two hands how many times my girlfriends and I have uttered the phrase “Half Baked Harvest” the past few months. Suffice to say we are all obsessed with Tieghan Gerard’s delicious and often unexpected comfort pairings. Super Simple is Tieghan’s newest cookbook and my BFF bought it for me after spotting it here. There are so many good recipes in this book! We got it for my sister for her birthday back in April too. She and I have both been enjoying seeing what one another is cooking from its pages.

Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?

I have long adored Ina Garten and this is one of my favorite cookbooks of her’s. Full of familiar, comforting flavors and never overly complicated. This book is a go-to for classic dishes you’ll return to often.

Ottolenghi Simple.

My brother and sister in law introduced me to Ottolenghi’s cooking and this cookbook makes his famed Middle Eastern cuisine a bit more approachable. This cookbook has taught me how to embrace cooking with less familiar spices and actually gets me excited to eat vegetables which is a miracle in it of itself. This book really delivers on its promise, too – everything can be made in under 30 minutes and with 10 ingredients or less.

. . .

I long for a return to once again regularly eating out in New York City, but those days seem far away. So I will continue to explore new dishes in my kitchen. I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve made in quarantine on my Instagram and you can find them saved in the Recipes Highlight. (I’ve also shared some of the recipes you guys have shared, too!)

Do you have a go-to cookbook that you love?



p.s. my go-to dishes and comfort food recipes.

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  1. Elisse says:

    I recently discovered Ottolenghi and highly recommend also getting his Plenty More cookbook which has non vegetarian dishes. So far everything I’ve made has been great.

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