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April 16, 2020

Home Goods to Love I wit & whimsy

Now more than ever we need to find comfort in our own homes so I figured it was time to share an update on some of my very favorite home items. Tried and tested and beloved by me.

  1. Nespresso: Oh how I love this machine! During the winter I use it practically every morning. I love how easy it is to pop in a capsule and get a hot cup of coffee. It’s definitely one of my favorite rituals at home.
  2. Cold Brew Pitcher: Ok you guys probably know by now that I live for this cold brew pitcher.  It saves me so much money in the summer as now I make a pitcher at night and then come the next morning I have a great glass of cold brew! This one I can usually get 3.5 glasses of iced coffee out of and it is just so easy. Did I mention it’s only $20?!
  3. Brita: The New York drinking water is actually really great but I still run it through my Brita and keep this in the fridge at all times so I can keep up with my water intake.
  4. Year & Day Bowls: Oh man these bowls spark a lot of joy for me. A favorite purchase of 2019 this female-founded brand makes beautiful dish-wares in Portugal.
  5. Year & Day Plates: After falling in love with my Year & Day bowls, my family helped me upgrade my plates via  Christmas gift of these by the same brand.
  6. Spoon Rest: A former roommate had this “Rest in Grease” spoon rest and when we parted ways I bought one for myself because I thought it was just so cute (and of course, practical).
  7. Glass Canisters: I love these glass canisters for holding my Nespresso pods in a chic manner next to my coffee maker atop my bar cart. They’d be great for anything you use regularly that you’d like easy access to put have it be a bit easier on the eyes.
  8. OXO Storage Containers: These containers are so helpful in your kitchen cabinets to keep things organized and ensure you don’t end up having a quinoa emergency when the bag opens up when you lease expect it and goes everywhere. (It’s happened!)
  9. Meal Prep Containers: These were probably one of my favorite purchases of last year. I love them! Dishwasher and microwave safe and stackable.
  10. Meal Planning Pad: Meal planning became my new favorite thing at the onset of the year and now I am finding it more important than ever to make my grocery shopping efficient and to ensure less food waste while we try and limit our time spent food shopping. This little meal planning pad is a lifesaver.
  11. Metal Straws: Attempting to do my part to help the environment while at home, I’ve swapped from paper straws to these metal straws that are dishwasher safe!
  12. Latte Bowls: My favorite bowls for ice cream and little snacks. I’ve had these forever.
  13. Downy Wrinkle Release: Longtime readers will know I swear by this stuff. I spray pretty much everything I own with it before wearing it. You spray it on, smooth out the wrinkles a bit and pull the garment and let it dry. Voila, wrinkles be gone! I haven’t ironed pretty much since I discovered this stuff in 2003 – no joke!
  14. The Laundress Signature Detergent: The best detergent ever. It is all I use and I became even more into everything The Laundress is doing after profiling the two founders a while back. Their entire line is so good.
  15. The Laundress Sport Detergent: The best detergent for tackling sweaty sportswear.
  16. Follain Refillable Soap: My favorite hand soap nowadays. The bottles are refillable if you live near a Follain store. This brand is a female founded small business that I just love supporting.
  17. Aera Diffuser: I love this tech-savvy diffuser for filling my home with soothing scents.
  18. Fire TV Stick: This voice controlled remote integrates with your Amazon Prime account and smart TV so you can instantly pull up favorite movies and TV shows without lots of scrolling or searching.
  19. Alexa Show: I never jumped on the Alexa bandwagon until I went to an Amazon event last year and they were kind enough to gift me an Alexa Show. Now I love having it in my kitchen to get the weather, use it as a timer while cooking and pull up recipes. Having the screen is so, so handy to see the temperature outside and the time without having to say anything out loud, too.
  20. Mirrored Tray: This is my favorite topper for a coffee table. It’s so glamorous and makes the perfect home for a stack of coffee table books or magazines.
  21. Tom Ford Coffee Table Book: I’ll admit, I judged this book by its very chic cover and splurged on it as a decorative element. I love how it looks styled in my apartment.
  22. White Company Cashmere Socks: I love a cozy sock when at home. These cashmere ones are pretty heavenly.
  23. Nest Camera: For peace of mind when I’m traveling.
  24. The White Company Blanc Candle: This is a favorite affordable candle for the home. It makes your house smell like heaven – fresh, clean and oh so cozy. I can’t recommend it enough.
  25. Otherland Candles: I love supporting this female founded small business. The candles are reasonably priced, burn well and smell amazing. They also make amazing gifts if you want to send a friend or family member a little gift during this time.
  26. Muslin Facial Cloths: If you’re like me you love a good oil cleanser but sometimes removing them can be a bit tricky. These muslin face cloths are amazing. Their texture ensures you get every trace of cleanser/makeup/dirt residue off your face + a gentle dose of exfoliating while you’re at it. I demoed them in my recent IGTV about my nighttime skincare routine.
  27. Cascading Hangers: These little guys are basically how I’ve survived living in New York with less than stellar closet space. They are, in short, lifesavers. Being able to cascade my tops, dresses and skirts in my closet has saved a bunch of space and on numerous occasions I made over New York friends’ and former roommates closets using these to maximize the closet space available. I can’t live without these.
  28. Fabric Shaver: You guys know by now how much I love this little gadget. Use it on your sweaters, your couch, pillows, blankets – you name it. It is the item I have sold the most of on Amazon! You guys often tell me how much satisfaction you also get out of it.
  29. Kerzon Candle: My favorite French candle store is now available to buy in the U.S. These candles are so chic and smell amazing.
  30. Byredo Cotton Poplin Room Spray: I rely on this spray to freshen up my place after cooking or when I’m not burning candles. The scent makes your entire home smell like you just did laundry. It’s so lovely and a little goes a long way (it’s pricey, I know). I’ve had mine for years and it still smells great.
  31. Brooklinen Classic Sheets: Hands down my favorite sheets. They are crisp and always feel cool to the touch. Making crawling into bed even more heavenly than it already is. I convinced my brother and his former roommate to buy them and all my friends that have gotten them love them as well. They are worth every penny.
  32. Cosmetic Organizer: This has been a lifesaver for my jewelry and lipsticks. I also have these modular units for my makeup I use everyday that sits atop my dresser. I love how they make everything so neat and organized and it also ensures I keep my collection in check. If it doesn’t fit…it doesn’t stay!
  33. Facial Towels: Given I wear makeup most days I don’t spend a lot of money on facial towels. These were well rated on Amazon and have served me well. If they get stained I don’t care and given the price I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve held up over time.
  34. ZZ Plant: My first plant and my favorite. This thing has shown to me it is impossible to kill and is perfectly low maintenace. It grows well and adds a dose of happiness in my home.
  35. Parachute Side Sleeper Pillow: This was my last purchase of 2019 before I did a no-shop January and I really, really like this pillow that’s designed specifically for side sleepers like myself. I’ve definitely been sleeping better since I purchase it.
  36. Brooklinen Towels: No surprise here that after loving Brooklinen’s sheets so much, I bought their towels and loved those, too! Shared more on them in this post.
  37. Nightlight: I love this stylish take on a practical item for your bathroom.

Relatedly, I just discovered Verishop’s Home Department which has me lusting after new plants, vintage-inspired glassware and more. So much eye candy there!

p.s. things getting me through at home right now and the clothes I’m living in at home.

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  1. Melanie says:

    You are the second person I’ve seen post about a ZZ plant this week… I think it’s a sign! I have a brown thumb and kill everything but maybe I’ll give it a shot! Also really tempted to get an Otherland candle for myself and send one to a friend ??

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