February Favorites

February 22, 2017

February Monthly Favorites

How is February almost over? Anyone else feel that way? I know it’s a short month but with March around the corner I wanted to share this month’s favorites! The items I’ve been using and loving non-stop the past few weeks. These have all been with me one way or another the past week and a half in California, too so that ought to tell you how much I really love this month’s favorite!

Slip Silk Sleep Mask:

Hello, new favorite eye mask! I’ve tried out a lot over the years and inevitably most of them often end up coming off my head in the middle of the night. This one stays put and what I really love is the weight and thickness of the silk. It also is so pretty (I loved the packaging it came in!) that it would make a great gift for any of your girlfriends who are in pursuit of beauty sleep. I absolutely love having this handy to block out any light and it’s good to wear in-flight, too.

How I Built This:

If I’ve seen you in the past three months, you’ve most likely heard me talk about this podcast. I love it. Particularly because I’m a small business owner trying to build something everyday but this podcast interviews entrepreneurs and business owners to track how they’ve built their successful brands. I look forward to every.single.episode! You’ll get to know the challenges and wins involved in building companies you now use regularly: Airbnb, Spanx, Instagram…and so many more! I can’t recommend this enough! (p.s. more podcasts I love.)

Rodin Luxe Lipstick:

If you’re experiencing dry, chapped lips that are getting in the way of wearing lipstick…enter: Rodin lip colors. I’ve long been a fan of the Rodin brand (the face oil is everything) so was excited they introduced lipsticks that offer great color but also are super hydrating.

Uma Wellness Oil in Pure Calm:

I’ve been dabbing this wellness oil on my inner wrists before bedtime for the past few weeks (I own the little sample size bottle) and think it’s helped to sooth me to sleep. It’s filled with loads of essentials oils and you guys…it smells so, so good. It’s not overpowering like a lot of other oils and can also be used to dot behind your ears or on your temples.

Vince Varin Sneakers:

You guys have seen me style these before here and here and this month in particular I’ve been living in them. They are so comfortable (I wore them everyday at Disneyworld when I went last October) and while they are on the pricier side they were worth the investment for me on the cost per wear so far. They also come in a few different color variations.

What are you guys loving this month!?

p.s. my January Favorites and budget friendly accessories.

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