Filling In Brows For Beginners

August 16, 2021

Filling In Brows For Beginners

Unlike Karlie Kloss and many others, I was not born blessed with full, voluminous eyebrows. Rather I have thin eyebrows with both brown and blonde hair in them and they were rather neglected until about my mid-20s. 

Filling In Brows For Beginners

Over the years I have learned a lot from both the pros and from trial and error. Not all brow products are made for everyone. And everyone’s brow hair is different! So you need to find the formulas that will work to accent your brows in the best way. 

The brow category has also exploded. So now there are waxes, pomades, pencils, powders and more to choose from. But if you have sparse brows or are just at a loss of how to start filling in your brows – read on for my tips to help!

Filling In Brows For Beginners

Prep Your Brows

Use a spooly brush to swipe your brows upwards so you can build volume and also open up your eye area. You’ll look more awake pretty instantly, too!

Don’t Over Tweeze

We all likely know this cardinal rule by now but it bears repeating. Don’t over tweeze! Sometimes hair won’t grow back into those follicles ever. If you can’t be trusted, just never touch your brows and leave them to the professionals.

Follow Your Brow Bone’s Natural Shape

Your brow hairs follow your brow bone and this is what you want to follow as you fill in sparse areas. Don’t overfill your brows as it’ll be really noticeable. Just follow your natural brow as a guide.

Consider Tinting

One of the best ways I get my brows to look more full is to tint them every few months. You can do it more frequently than that but I generally do it once a quarter. By tinting my brows all my hair color becomes one shade and so my blonde hairs are erased and the uniformity helps my brows appear more full.

I get my brows tinted and shaped at Shen Beauty in Brooklyn by Josh.

Use a Mix of Formulas

When I fill in my brows I generally use a powder/gel combination or a pencil/gel combination. Doing so only takes a few minutes and the mix of formulas allows my brows to look more full but also get staying power so my work doesn’t come undone.

Finish with a Gel for Hold

I keep a variety of brow gels on hand for easy, lazy makeup days. It’s the one step I always take! Swiping on a brow gel will get your brow hairs all going in the same direction for added volume and ensure they stay that way all day. 


Eyebrow Filling Products

NeuBrow Brow Enhancing Gel

One of the best ways to lead to successful eyebrow filling is to help your hair grow! I do this with NeuBrow which I have found to work well when you stay committed to using it every night for at least six weeks. You apply the gel to each brow every night and you’ll start to notice more brow hair growth.

The product touts a dual-weight Protein Complex designed to promote a stronger and healthier feel to your eyebrows while working to minimize any sparse, thinning appearance of brows. It also features biotin to help protect from further brow damage. 

(As an aside, NeuLash is also great if you want your lashes to get some extra length!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo 

I’ve used this product for years and years – it works so well at filling in sparse spots! The powder is super fine so it’s really easy to blend the two colors and apply it for a really natural, seamless look. The powder is lightweight but also smudgeproof so you’ll find it really settles in and stays. I just love that the powder comes with two shades you can ensure a natural look. It truly fills in brows so, so well. It was recommended to me by a makeup artist and I am so grateful!

I use the shade Taupe and apply the powder with Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Brush #14.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

This is an ultra-slim, retractable pencil for adding precise hair-like strokes. It is really easy to use and I like the fine tip for filling in any spots or sparse areas. It’s ideal for places where your arches may be bare or over-tweezed, and the smudge-proof formula stays put all day. This is typically what comes with me in my travel makeup bag since it’s an all in one product and I love that it has a spoolie on one end. 

What I love about this pencil is that it is softer than a lot on the market so it doesn’t require a ton of pressure to get color payoff. A lot of pencils can actually do damage to your brow hair follicles if you’re pressing down too hard, too often and they can be particularly bad if you have sensitive skin.

This handy pencil comes in twelve shades, too so you’re sure to find a match no matter your brow hair color! I use shade Taupe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Similar to Brow Wiz, but with a different tip applicator – this one is triangular so it works more towards outlining your brows while also filling in.  The custom spooley end was created to be a super precise width and firmness so it helps you to seamlessly blend the color out after you apply it.

This also comes in twelve shades and I use shade Taupe again.

Ilia Brow Gel

This brow gel is a game changer. The dual-sided brush helps to not only get your hairs to look fluffier and stay put, it also majorly adds volume. Brows are both fluffed and filled with this gel that’s a breeze to use. It features aloe leaf juice, shea butter and sunflower seed oil all of which work to keep your brow hairs supple, conditioned and soft. If you want to check it out in action – watch this video. Also read my full Ilia Beauty Review.

I have both shades Blonde and Light Brown which I use depending on whether I’ve had my brows tinted recently or not.

I also like the Merit Beauty Brow Gel, too if you’re looking for another alternative.

. . .

Want to see how I do my brows in action? Check out this video!

Do you have any favorite brow products or maintenace tips?

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