Finding Your Sporty Side

June 15, 2009

So tonight we are being taken out to the ball game (literally, our boyfriend is taking us on a date to the SF Giants game) and while it’s sportsnot the most lady-like destination, we can’t help but be excited!

Here’s why finding our sporty side as a gal is so great:

  • Sporting events give you the opportunity to host parties. Our favorite time to do this? The Super Bowl! No guys allowed is always fun, too- if we’re being honest!
  • Sporting events don’t give you much choice when it comes to food, so what better way to give yourself a diet break than by putting yourself in a place that doesn’t abound with healthy salads or fruit! We say swallow those hot dogs & beers with pride!! You can jump back on track later…
  • Baseball games, hocky games, basketball games, soccer games- you name it, allow you to bring out those pseudo-sporty items in your closet. We’re talking, Polo RL hats, Juicy Zip Ups, sporty little sneaks- they all are appropriate here (and probably more appropriate than their typical use like that of the usual corner store run or lounging on the couch where no one will see you!)
  • You can bring out your inner cheerleader – just pick a team and cheer when they do the right thing (we tend to do this for most events where fandom is required-shh don’t tell our guy friends- unless we’re at a Chicago Cubs game- they are one and only favorite really. Oh and Notre Dame.)

So there you have it! Being sporty can definitely have its upsides (the beer & hot dogs do come to mind first, however…).

photo courtesy of FitSugar

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