flat out (+ help!)

August 5, 2011

Living in New York has taught me a lot about myself these past six months. And let me tell you, it’s certainly also taught me a lot about the way I dress. Whilst I get out in heels still plenty, I’m never found without a pair of flats of some sort in my bag for those walks home from the subway or trekking across town. That being said, I’ve realized I’ll be in quite a pickle when this warm weather fades and I’m left without the option of throwing in the slimmest pair of sandals as my fall back.

That being said, I think it’s time I find a new pair of flats as my go to. Taylor has loads of cute ones and it got me thinking I need a classic and easy pair to add to my rotation.

So help me pick my next pair!! Here’s some inspiration. Tell me in comments which you like best and your guidance will be way appreciated [insert rob stewart singing ‘have i told you lately that i love you…]


flat out




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  1. Alison says:

    Definitely the Chloe flats with the scalloped edge! Versatile enough to go with almost anything but still stand out.


  2. oh boy of course i liked the hermes ones best. i have problems! but i love the cap toe ones. but, i digress… have you heard of matt bernson? his flats are AMAZEBALLS. i particularly love the waverly cap toe. so much that i may just have 5 pairs of them. found out about them a couple yrs ago via jenn falik’s blog and obsessed. they are comfy, cute, & wear extremely well.

    check them out.

    xx grace

  3. RosaLovesDC says:

    I love my Tory Burch flats, they are basically my to go shoe. I like all the colors and they are extremely comfortable. I also love a pair of Mary Jane flats I got last year at Reiss, they are shoes are really great. And lastly, while browsing the sales at one of my favorite stores in DC, I found a pair of cap tone flats by MARAIS USA and I love them. They are perfect for walking around town. I got them in black but I wished I couldn’t have gotten them in every color.

  4. Haley says:

    Tory Burch or Michael Kors.

    I own a pair of Michael Kors and they are so comfy (once broken in). I wear mine on my walk to school and I cannot complain! I’m sure Tory Burch are fairly similar in structure!

    Good luck choosing.


  5. Taylor says:

    oh girl, I love this post. While I dream of waking up each day and wearing a different color of Lanvin ballet flats, a girl has gotta be realistic. I must say that my favorites (that are also comfortable!) are Mee Too, Jessica Simpson (seriously) and Steve Madden.

  6. daisy says:

    The chloe scalloped ones!! First, and most importantly, they’re adorable. Second, they’ll go with practically anything. And third, they won’t get scuffed like patent leather and won’t shed all over the innards of your purse like sparkly ones.

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