Flippin' For Our FlipCam

August 1, 2009

flipcamSo among the many perks of being a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, one very substantial one is receiving that of a FlipCam to record all the fun, trendy & worth- remembering moments & adventures had. We’ve finally taken our FlipCam’s v-card and started playing with it lots and let us just say, we loooooooove it.

At totally affordable prices ($150 will get you the standard flip, another $75 added to that allows you to shoot in HD), “The Flip” puts the power of recording and producing right into you hands. Videos are simple to shoot and playback and produce great quality mini films. Then all you have to do is flip the USB out of the side of the cam and you’re ready to plug in & share all the fun you just captured. The standard Flip holds 120 minutes of video, is sleek & slim enough to carry in your bag and will make sure you never miss another minute worth keeping.

One are for improvement? I wish the Flip didn’t run on AA batteries- a rechargable one to insert into the camera would be much preferred. But perhaps with a future edition we’ll be lucky enough to snag one like that.

We totally recommend you get a FlipCam- they are way too much fun.

Image courtesy of Flip

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