October 8, 2012


When you live in New York there’s no shortage of trends in everything from food, fashion and even fitness. I first heard about Flywheel from Jenn, but then my friend Sara began going to Flywheel’s barre counterpart, Flybarre and I decided to give it a go. Then I got hooked.

I have done Core Fusion and Soulcycle and a variety of conditioning classes, but I fell in love with Flybarre because it’s varied and combines bits of yoga, dance, circuit training, pilates and strength building all in 60 minutes and reps all done to their own upbeat song. It’s fast, hard, exhausting but empowering and I’m already feeling stronger and seeing results after just six classes.

If you live in New York, I can’t recommend it enough. Yes, it’s expensive, but I’ve found the high price tag actually ensures I make my way to the workout. Before even if I put classes at my gym in my schedule, I’d find ways to get around going. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

So check it out here and, if you’re here in NYC and want to go to a class together…just say the words!

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  1. Oo, I’ve been dying to try this!!!

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