For Sale: My Wedding Dress??

June 4, 2009

wedding dresses

So while we haven’t walked down the aisle yet, we were shocked to read thatthe power of the web & the recession is bringing more brides to sell their wedding dresses online!!

Our mom borrowed her dress so we’ve never seen it hanging in the closet & understand that cutting the cost of a dress out of your wedding budget can seem enticing, but since it’s pretty much the most elaborate thing any of us will ever wear (unless you are planning on becoming royalty) we just can’t imagine getting rid of our wedding gown!

We definitely understand needing to be frugal (which is why we’re anticipating being way stressed & anxious to find the perfect dress within whatever our budget may be) and out of curiosity, we just checked out Craigslist and there are so many listings from brides selling their dresses!!

What do you think? Would YOU ever sell your wedding dress?!

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  1. I think you should sell your dress why not get some money for it I even know of a great site where you can sell your dress. I know at least 10 people that have sold thier dresses on this site it is Good luck

  2. Ms. McKatz says:

    The key is buying something you’ll wear again! Dye it, cut it..whatever it takes!

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