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July 30, 2008

Nowadays, we worship and rely on Google. Can you actually remember what your life was like before it? Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Well while in New York City last week, I learned fabulous trick for those of us who aren’t always completely sure where we are going or just haven’t updated our electronic rolodexes on a regular basis.

Google Mobile makes our lives more streamlined, more on time and far less confusing. Simply text commands to 466453 (“Google” – as I’m sure you could have guessed). Commands can range from product prices (ex: PRICE Apple iphone) to weather (ex: WEATHER san francisco) to places (ex: Magnolia Bakery nyc). Other commands include sports, stocks, movie times, and directions. What more could ask you for??

Now get those fingers typing and get on the move…(this time without doubting whether you’re moving in the right direction or not…)

photo courtesy of google

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