Functional vs. Fun – fall/winter coats

August 24, 2010

Although this week the weather in San Francisco has taken a turn for the best – in that we FINALLY have summer weather – the cold weather of the past few weeks got me excited for fall and winter coats. Now, one look in my closet and it’s evident that the last thing I need is another coat, but I can’t help myself this season.

I’m especially loving the military and camel color that I’m seeing everywhere. So what’s the best buy for the season? It depends where you are and what you need (read: what you don’t have already hanging in your closet!). If you live in a city and find yourself on public transportation everyday, I’m still a firm believer that you should own a classic trench. I bought one from Banana Republic when I moved to SF and can say that the investment it totally worth it.

If you’re looking for a coat that’s more trendy than functional, then I’m a big fan of the cropped military style jackets. Super cute and while they might not be the best at keeping you warm, at least you’ll look cute!

Lot78 Ziggy suede biker jacket
$1,050 –
Asymmetrical jacket »

Draped pocket coat
$550 –
Wool outerwear »

Women: Rachel Zoe’s picks | Piperlime
$231 –
Jackets »

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  1. Virginia says:

    i love the rebecca taylor ruffled biker jacket!

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