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January 11, 2012


My new apartment is finally starting to come together. Furniture has been built and things stored so my roommate and I are starting to get to the point of thinking about decorating. One thing we’re sure we’d like to do is build a gallery wall above our couch as a focal point. I recived this really amazing piece of art for Christmas that showcases old postcards of New York from the 1940s that my grandma had bought back then and we’re going to use it as the center piece but we must now find additional prints, images, mirrors and accents to help build the wall.

I, of course, turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I also may follow these guidelines.

Have you ever built a gallery wall? Any tips you can share before I dive in!?


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  1. Meaghan says:

    I’ve just done this to one of my walls & couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

  2. christin says:

    I haven’t but you have to be sure to let us know how it goes. I want to do this as well!

  3. I really want to do this to that wall in our apt when you first walk in. The bf is actually a very good photographer, so we have several of his prints framed and ready to hang up… I want to find some smaller pieces of art + sketches to work in with them… oh, projects!!!

  4. Morganne says:

    I love gallery walls! Just did one in my bedroom with all white frames, a mirror, a block letter of my initial, and two ceramic starfish. (My room is beach themed).

    My advice – don’t be afraid to add random objects and play around with it! Also it doesn’t need to be perfectly straight 🙂

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