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  1. Love this post… it’s a tough call who my girl crush would be. Joanna Hillman, Jenna, and Taylor are all top contenders. But I just LOVE Marissa Webb, too. I have too many girl crushes, which is why I started my weekly style thief section. Lovely shots!

  2. i love joanna hillman for staying true to her beauty style (red lip, sideswept hair) and making it work no matter what she wears, and i love kelly framel for always looking chic and effortless. i am also a huge fan of diane kruger, who loves to take style risks and i love that she doesn’t use a stylist.

  3. @Grace – LOVE Marissa Webb the most! I wish there were more pictures of her in her own personal street style and not all J crew!
    Oh and love taylor too!

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