December 28, 2013



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Over Thanksgiving I was cleaning out my childhood room and found so many laughs as I re-discovered a discman, a giant speaker set…and a Walkman even. How times have changed! My life truly has become so wireless it’s hard to imagine back to Double AA batteries, etc.

Jabra asked me to test out their Soulmate speaker and it was the perfect addition to my holiday routine. I took it along to a holiday party in my purse, played Christmas tunes while enjoying my decorated tree, had it keep me company while packing, and then packed it in my suitcase to come to Colorado where my family has been loving the seasonal songs that fill the house thanks to the amazing sound quality (not to mention fun and festive color!) It’s portable to take anywhere and connects wirelessly through Bluetooth meaning we could play Pandora from my mom’s computer, a custom playlist from an iPad or my seasonal Spotify playlists from my iPhone. The convenience and quality made this wireless speaker the perfect addition to my holiday season and I can’t wait to see where else I’ll be toting it.

This post is sponsored by Jabra. Thanks for supporting the brands that make WIT & Whimsy possible!

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