Great and Thoughtful Gifts Under $50

December 5, 2018

Great Gifts Under $50 I wit & whimsy

It’s Wednesday which means it is time for another gift guide. A lot of gift guides I see have crazy expensive gifts in them (someone told me they saw a blogger include a $3,000 cappuccino machine in one of their guides – WHAT!? Who on earth spends that on themselves let alone someone else? EEEP) Anyhow, I think Under $50 is usually on average what people spend for a lot of people in their life so I think this is an important guide to do every year. I’ll also have Under $25 and stocking stuffers coming but not till the week before Christmas so they’ll be more last minute or free expedited shipping kind of ideas. I hope you find this helpful and would love to hear what stands out to you!

  1. Tabletop Planter: I love this little planter! It’s petite enough for even the smallest apartment and will encourage the recipient to get their green thumb going.
  2. Framed Print: A framed print with a sweet saying is always a welcomed gift in my opinion and this store has loads from which to choose.
  3. Palermo Body Aromatherapy: I’m a big believer in the power of essential oils and this one sounds great to have on hand for travel or someone in your life who deals with a lot of stress.
  4. Celestial Earrings: How pretty are these earrings? They’re the perfect gift for that person who lives and dies by their horoscope every month.
  5. Tile: For the forgetful friend or family member, give them a Tile so they can better keep track of their valuables. (I have a friend who uses this for her suitcase, too and I think that’s brilliant)!
  6. Women Who Will Change the World Book: I think a thoughtful book is always a great gift so for the women in your life who is inspiring you or who is on a mission, gift her this book that’ll no doubt give her an added boost of motivation.
  7. Bananagrams: This is my favorite game to play at home when in Colorado! It’s such a fun one and would make a great, inexpensive gift.
  8. Bon Voyage Travel Set: How cute is this passport and luggage tag duo? Perfect for the frequent traveler.
  9. Leather Coin Pouch: For under $50 you can get a cute yet handy leather coin pouch to keep valuables in. As someone who rarely carries cash anymore, I like the idea of having some coins handy along with storing some bobby pins or hair ties in one of these cases.
  10. Leather Tassel Keychain: I’m not sure why I spent so many years not carrying my keys on a keychain but a handy tassel keychain can take a whole lot of stress out of the occasion every time you think you’ve lost your keys. This is a great gift for the friend in your life who is always looking for her keys.
  11. Rabbit Wine Opener: I am always amazed at how many people I know are still opening wine with an old fashioned corkscrew. Using a wine opener like the Rabbit makes it SO much easier. I have this one and opening a bottle is a snap.
  12. Initial Necklace: If you want a personalized gift for someone in a pinch, look no further than this pretty initial necklace.
  13. Cultivate Kindness Canvas Tote: I love this tote’s message and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need another tote for that #bagladylife?
  14. Map Coasters: I adore these neighborhood map coasters as I think they make such a nice, personalized gift.
  15. Wood Photo Stand: Print a few photos from your friends’ Instagram and tuck them in with this photo stand so they can adorn their house with favorite photos from the past year.
  16. iPhone Camera Add-On Lens: This is the top selling lens for iPhones on Amazon and such a fun gift for someone who loves to take pictures when they travel.
  17. Silk Scrunchies: Years ago I stopped sleeping with my hair up in a hair tie and it made the world of a difference in my hair being less damaged. These scrunchies will keep your BFF or niece or sister in law’s hair back and away without pulling. They’d make a great stocking stuffer, too!
  18. The White Company Blanc Candle: I know candles aren’t the most original gift but I love getting one because it means one less for me to buy throughout the year – ha! This one I wrote about here and it is great for gift giving as the smell isn’t overly potent but rather fills your home with a warm, cozy smell. The candle is also big and burns with two wicks so it is a great value for the price.
  19. Cozy Blanket Scarf: You can never have too many scarves in my opinion and this one is extra cozy for winter days. (I bought it in gray!)
  20. Monogrammable Pouch: This little pouch is so handy to collect things you don’t want to lose at the bottom of your bag. Makes a great gift for a boss, teacher or friend.
  21. Cocktail Mix Trio: How cute is this trio of cocktail mixes? The perfect adornment for any bar cart (or the excuse to have a boozy get together with your friends one winter night!)
  22. New York Times Explorer Book: For the person in your life who just loves New York City, recently moved there or plans to move there.
  23. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette: Bobbi Brown makes my favorite eyeshadows (they stay put and are so easy to blend) and this palette looks so expensive but won’t break the bank at just $39. (Relatedly I just bought this for myself on an impulse trip to Sephora and it is goooorgeous.)
  24. Slip Silk Eye Mask: While this mask has been in a past gift guide, I had to include it here, too because it truly is the best eye mask I’ve ever tried and makes a lux gift for anyone who treasures their beauty sleep or needs a few more Zzzs in their life.
  25. Pasta Making Starter Kit: How cute is this little kit that’ll get you started making fresh pasta at home? Would make a great gift for a couple.

p.s. gifts for the homebody and ideas for dressing for holiday occasions.

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