Happy New Year

January 1, 2018

J.Crew Lace Pants I wit & whimsy

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.”

— Neil Gaiman

J.Crew Lace Pants I wit & whimsy

The above quote is one of my favorites and as we begin a new year today I am feeling grateful + hopeful.

Grateful because I am surrounded by family and friends whom I love and whom make my life all the more worthwhile. Grateful to be doing a job I love with people I admire and respect. Grateful because wit & whimsy keeps me excited and challenged. Grateful to have a roof over my head, food in my kitchen and the ability to work towards my dreams and choose adventure.

Hopeful because I believe there is more good than evil in the world. Hopeful because there are strong souls who speak up and fight for what they believe in. Hopeful because I see friends bringing beautiful new lives into this world whom I know will be raised to make this earth a better place. Hopeful because every day in New York I see moments that lift my spirits and remind me of what’s most important. Hopeful because I know how many passionate, smart people are in my life that are working to fight for what matters and put others first. Hopeful because I believe you probably have those types of people, too. (And the more we have the better!) Hopeful that we will take this new year and make it one to remember for good reasons rather than bad.

J.Crew Lace Pants I wit & whimsy

I love the start of a new year for the exciting feeling of a blank page. The start of a new chapter to be written.

Sequin Belt Atop Lace Pants I wit & whimsy

I love it for those feelings of gratitude & hope described above & for the excitement that comes with the unknown. I love it for the feeling like we’ve been given a fresh start and can once again lay out goals that will challenge us and let us reflect.

All Black Look with Pop of Red

On this first day of 2018 I wish you a beautiful, blank page ready to be written with your hopes and dreams.

Sending you each so much love!

Sweater // Lace Pants // Shoes // Bag // Sequin Belt // Leather Hair Bow


p.s. what I’m most looking forward to in 2018.

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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  1. Megan says:

    Love this post, love your outlook, love you! Cheers to all the joy and love and hope to come this year, to learning and growing and moments together! Thank you for sharing your life and your perspective.

  2. Natali says:

    You are looking so elegant and stylish in this minimalistic outfit!


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