The Best Holiday Pajamas

November 26, 2020

Christmas Pajamas I wit & whimsy

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re like me, you’re spending a portion of today lounging in your pajamas and for me – you better believe I’m wearing Christmas jammies already. I find wearing holiday pajamas to spark some real joy so I love adding a new pair to my collection each year. Today I’m sharing my collection + rounding up the best pairs I’ve found! And p.s. if you’re shopping today – I have updated my Early Sales roundup!

The Best Holiday Pajamas:

Holiday Shopping Tips I wit & whimsy

Best Holiday Pajamas I wit & whimsy

Holiday Shopping Tips I wit & whimsy

The Best Holiday Candles

I scoured the web and found the best holiday pajamas out now and gathered them below!

Old Navy, Burt’s Bees and Hanna Andersson have the cutest matching pajamas for families in my opinion and while you’re shopping – might I suggest a cozy robe, cute snowflake socks, a festive eye mask and plush slippers? (Just got these slippers and they’re amazing for the price!)

My Favorite Holiday Pajamas this year:

 A lot of the above come in different pattern and color ways so be sure to click through! And by the way I have these and these, too and highly recommend them!

And p.s. the Shopbop 20% off sale kicks off today! I’ll have my picks + what I’m buying in tomorrow’s post but in case you wanted to get a head start I thought I’d mention! This post has a lot of my favorites that I own for easy reference.

However you’re celebrating today’s holiday – I hope you know I’m grateful for you & I hope you have a lovely day! xx

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Plaid Thermal Pajamas (M) // Burt’s Bees Pajamas (M) //  Old Navy Flannel Pajamas (Sized down to S; comes in loads of different patterns) // Hanna Anderson Pajamas (M) // Red & White Polka Dot Pajamas (M) 

p.s. my holiday bucket list and my favorite holiday candles.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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