Hello, Holidays! Welcoming the 2023 Holiday Season

November 1, 2023

Christmas in New York | 2023 holiday season

‘Tis the season!! And I for one am ready to spread the good cheer. I am someone who completely embraces and gets so excited about the holiday season and I truly look forward to this time of year every year! This year I feel lucky to once again be spending some of the holiday season not only in New York but also in Paris and London again.

wit & whimsy 2023 Holiday Season

Welcoming the 2023 Holiday Season on wit & whimsy

Every year I look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you all through wit & whimsy! There is so much work that goes into holiday content but I love creating posts that hopefully make your season even merrier and even brighter!

Christmas in Paris

This year I brought back the holiday hub earlier than ever & I hope that it will remain a go-to resource for you all season long. You can find it on the homepage’s top menu in red font. 

When you click on HOLIDAY you’ll see two categories:

“Get Inspired” and “Get Gifting”

Under Get Inspired you’ll find all my posts related to holiday content (inclusive of gift guides) and Get Gifting is a the dedicated Holiday Shop broken down by category that’ll have exclusive gift finds you won’t find elsewhere in my content. It is a resource for gift ideas but also has things to wear during the season and ideas on how to decorate your home this holiday season.

wit&whimsy gift guides

The shop’s various categories are just getting started and I’ll be updating them weekly. So be sure to keep checking back. I hope you find the hub handy and that it fills you with ideas for your holiday season! Be sure to bookmark it. 

And, if you’re a fan of shopping on Amazon, I’ve also created a dedicated Gift Ideas shop over in my Amazon Shop, too!

wit&whimsy 2023 Holiday Season

I’ve been working on my gift guides for a few weeks now and I can’t wait to share them over the next few weeks. (The first one will be live tomorrow!) They each feature a selection of thoughtful gifts you’ll actually want to buy. And nearly 80% of my selections for the gift guides are under $200. (I have a few luxury gifts in the The Holiday Shop and on Pinterest). 

As in years past, I will also be adding a Holidays section to the Weekly Roundup every week. So be sure to check those for even more gift ideas and holiday inspiration!

I can’t wait to share the gift ideas I’ve been finding!

I’ve been spending a lot of time culling through the web so that I’m bringing you fresh, exciting gift ideas and not a bunch of ideas you’re seeing elsewhere. I want these gift guides to be helpful resources and super practical for your holiday shopping. As I have in recent years, I’ll also be prioritizing small, BIPOC and female founded businesses wherever possible. 

Holiday Outfit

I also have posts planned for what to wear during this different holiday season, how to take advantage of the season and I also have some great collaborations in the works with some of my favorite brands that I can’t wait to reveal!

From now through the end of the year, you can expect to see an occasional weekend blog post, too! If you want to be sure to be getting exclusive holiday content in your inbox, too – be sure to sign up for my email list. I share things with subscribers first – and sometimes only with them!

The holidays are undoubtedly my busiest season of the year.

I begin cranking out even more content than usual and this year in particular I have quite a bit of travel during the quarter which will change some of my content cadence.

New York Holiday Outfit idea

The planning for my gift guides and seasonal posts begins all the way back in August if you can believe it! (Although I am actually writing down gift ideas all year long!) The amount of work is huge so I wanted to just be really outright in saying how much I appreciate you shopping purposefully from my links. And for engaging with my content (pinning it! commenting on it! saving it! sharing it with friends! all of these actions go a long way). 

If you want to be sure I receive credit for your purchase, I thought I’d just quickly share how it works! You must click on the item and buy it in that browser window between 7 and 30 days. (Every retailer’s window varies). If you swipe up and screenshot something I share on your phone and then Google it and buy it via your desktop – I won’t get credit. Your browser basically has to be able to follow the trackable link I share in order to give credit.

And, as an aside, it doesn’t matter if you buy the item I recommended.

I will get credit for whatever you end up purchasing from that retailer! (This is a question I get commonly so thought I’d clarify.)

Buying anything through the links shared on my LiketoKnowit profile also will give me credit. (That page is also a great resource if you’re trying to find something I recently talked about or wore). 

The reason Creators drive you to LiketoKnowit or blog posts is because when you swipe up on a link in Instagram Stories, the link becomes invalid and unable to be tracked as soon as you close that window and go back to browsing Instagram. It equates to a lot of lost revenue sadly. But just know your purchases through my links is so appreciated and I’m grateful for all your support – truly.


To kick things off this holiday season and spread a little joy this week – I’m running a giveaway to jumpstart your shopping! I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite brands to gift two lucky winners some amazing pieces and am personally gifting some holiday shopping money!

How to Enter
  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Enter the giveaway by signing up here.

I’ll randomly select & email the two winners in the next week!

I hope you’ll enjoy everything coming to you this year as part of wit & whimsy. I always strive to have my holiday content be a balance between gifting but also the true spirit of this time of year which is that of gratitude, kindness, giving back, joy & taking care of one another and this year is no exception.

Thanks for celebrating this season of joy with me! 

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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    I always look forward to your holiday content Meghan! Can’t wait to spread some cheer 🙂

  2. Amelia says:

    So excited for your holiday content! I love your gift guides and appreciate how much effort goes into them – it shows! Love a good giveaway too 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see your gift guides and follow your blog through this wonderful season!

  4. Melanie says:

    So excited for your holiday content! I started browsing through your picks earlier today and I can’t wait to see the gift guides!

  5. Diane Kerbaugh says:

    I’m loving the outfits you’re wearing for the holidays guide blog. So adorable! I see a lot of great gift ideas!
    Thanks ?

  6. Jessica says:

    I’m absolutely loving your holiday outfits, Meghan! They’re really versatile and actually wearable when it’s cold outside. (Which is so important for those of us with snow!) I especially love that red plaid blazer in Outfit #3 — where’s it from?

  7. Amelia says:

    I’m so excited! I look forward to your holiday content every year and it made me so happy to see the red holiday hub appear for the season 🙂

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