Gifts for the Homebody

November 28, 2018

Gifts for the Homebody I wit & whimsy

I am particularly excited about this week’s gift guide because I am the ultimate homebody during Winter. My hibernation mode goes ON and stays on till the last snow. So, no surprise here, but a lot of the gifts in this guide are things I personally own/love/enjoy and think would make excellent gifts for your favorite homebody.

  1. Pajamas: Upgrade your favorite homebody’s sleepwear with the softest, best pajamas ever. I have the long set, the short and the long and short set. In short: I’m obsessed with these PJs.
  2. UGG Robe: Every homebody deserves the ultimate luxury when it comes to robes and this one is the best. So soft, so cozy and feels like way more than its $98 price tag when you put it on.
  3. Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath for the Senses: This stuff is AMAZING. I’ve basically been rationing it because I never want my bottle to run out. It makes me so excited to take baths so if your favorite homebody is a bath lover, look no further than this for the perfect gift.
  4. Brooklinen Sheets: There’s nothing better than new linens and these sheets are the absolute best. Every friend of mine that has gotten a set has reported back being obsessed. They are cozy but still remain cool to the touch. They are my favorites.
  5. Vogue Coffee Table Book: There’s no such thing as too many coffee table books in my opinion and this one looks super chic for any homebody’s living room table.
  6. Cookbook and Tablet Stand: Many a homebody I know also loves to cook (myself included) and this stand makes the perfect sous chef to hold cookbooks or an iPad with a recipe online.
  7. The White Company Cashmere Socks: Luxury is wearing cashmere socks to bed or around the house. I got a pair as a gift years ago and remain in love with them.
  8. Temperature Control Mug: I love the idea of this handy mug as too often I have burned my mouth going to drink tea before bed. With this mug you can remotely set your ideal temperature. Brilliant! Pairing this with some beautiful tea would be such a nice gift to receive.
  9. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: My favorite loungewear is always topped with a cozy cardigan and this one is a luxurious gift to give the homebody.
  10. Google Home Hub: I’m not one for having an Alexa but I do like the look of this new Google product. It’s billed as a hands-free personal assistant, smart home command center, and digital photo album. It would definitely be a welcomed addition to any homebody’s casa.
  11. Netflix: Give the gift of binge-watching because who doesn’t need Netflix favorites on repeat when being a homebody this winter?
  12. Palo Santo Bundle: When Palo Santo is burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power so it’s great for those who spend a lot of time cozy at home.
  13. Electric Wine Opener: Every good night in includes a glass of wine if you ask me and this sleek wine opener will make it easy to enjoy a favorite varietal.
  14. Herb Planter: Isn’t this herb planter so cute? You could pre-plant it for your homebody with popular herbs like rosemary and basil.
  15. Mariage Freres Tea: This is my favorite tea brand and I’m always picking some up when in Paris. The beautiful tins make for the perfect gift.
  16. UGG Sheepskin Rug: This rugs remains one of the best things I’ve purchased for my apartment as it is what my feet touch first when out of bed every morning. It’s glam yet cozy and instantly upgrades whatever space it is in.
  17. UGG Slippers: These are the pair that made me believe in slippers. So soft. So cozy. The perfect house shoe.
  18. Book of the Month: A homebody loves nothing more than a great book to read and I’m personally a huge fan of Book of the Month. I look forward to picking out my book every month and think it makes such a nice gift that someone can enjoy for months after the holidays.
  19. Slip Eye Mask: Any homebody appreciates their beauty sleep and this eye mask is the absolute best.
  20. Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care: On stressful evenings this is always what I reach for as it has the most calming scent and it goes to work to calm skin after application.
  21. doTerra Introductory Essential Oils Kit: Any homebody would be happy to add essential oils into their routine as aromatherapy can go a long way in making an environment more welcoming.

Spot anything you’ll be buying your favorite homebody? Or self? 😉

p.s. my favorite cozy products and more gift ideas.

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  1. Libby says:

    These gifts are perfect for one of my BEST friends! Yay!!

    xoxo Libby

  2. Melanie says:

    I have that Ugg robe and it’s AMAZING. Been looking into the Ember cups, what a cool concept!

  3. GF says:

    my sister gifted me a BOTM membership last year and I just LOVED it!

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