How I Reset After Traveling

September 18, 2017

One Shoulder Top + Shorts I wit & whimsy

Happy Monday, all! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I laid low spending time at home, working and catching up with friends. It was just what I needed!

After returning from two back to back trips I was really in need of a major reset so for today’s post I thought I’d share how I tackle doing so whenever I return from traveling.

One Shoulder Top + Shorts I wit & whimsy

One of the biggest things I face after trips – especially ones that involve long plane rides – is bloat. I don’t limit myself when it comes to indulgences when traveling (you only live once!) but getting back from those indulgences can be hard. When I get home, I drink A TON of water to rehydrate my system. I also limit alcohol, sugar and carbs and try to eat as many veggies as possible and avoid anything with too much salt. I’m currently trying to not eat any gluten for the next few weeks and that’s going to be ROUGH ;).

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I also always immediately book myself some workouts. On my first day back, I take a barre or yoga class and by day 2 or day 3 I seek out cardio, usually through a Flywheel class. It’s painful but worth it to get my body used to regular exercise again.

One Shoulder Top + Shorts I wit & whimsy

As mentioned on Friday, after this particular trip I was feeling rather stressed so I also bought a package of Inscape classes to try and re-center myself. I also forced my body to get back on New York time by staying up to my usual bedtime (instead of going to bed at 5 or 6 which is what my body felt like it wanted to do!) I rarely struggle from jetlag because I always work to get on my current location’s time as much as possible instead of napping, etc.

One Shoulder Top + Shorts I wit & whimsy

Do you guys have any tricks for re-setting after you travel?! Do tell!

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  1. Hitha Palepu says:

    I love premade soups after trip to reset my body! Drink Zupa and Splendid Spoon are delicious, ready-to-drink, and gluten-free 😉

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