How to Fake Second Day Hair

October 5, 2016

How to Fake Second Day Hair
 Anyone else prefer their hair when it’s a bit dirty? It styles so much better! And tends to hold styling longer, right?

In the past few years I started noticing friends and colleagues reacting to a hair compliment by replying “oh. It’s so dirty.” Yet they knew it looked good. It’s because second (and third day) hair is kind of the best.

I’ve talked about before how I feel like I trained my hair to be properly styled the way I like it (I used to over-wash it and therefore it was often slick and grease-prone). Yet nowadays I prefer second day hair yet can’t always have it.

The other week as I was preparing for my red eye to Ireland and I suddenly realized how my hair felt like it hadn’t just been washed. It was a little coarse and felt very second day. I had been to a spin class earlier in the day and had to wash my hair afterwards as a result (I like to try and wear myself out before a red eye!) As I had this realization I was instantly intrigued and retraced my steps.

So below are the steps I took! Use them to recreate that coveted second (or third!) day hair for improved styling and hold even if you have to wash your hair that day.

  1. Shampoo with Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. The salt formulation helps with texture. (I talked about this product in depth here – I am obsessed.)
  2. Deep condition with Kerastase’s Nutritive Masquintense.
  3. Prep hair to be blow dried with Living Proof’s PHD Styling Cream and Satin Hair Serum. (This cocktail is my go-to for prepping my hair to be styled. I’ve been using it for nearly five years!)
  4. Spray hair with R + Co Thickening Spray and Alterna Invisible Roller Contour Setting Spray. *I believe these two products are the most important step as I had never cocktailed them before and believe they gave me the texture and weight that made my hair feel second day.
  5. Next, let your hair air dry as much as possible. Blow dry any remaining wet strands before heat styling. I use this curling wand as it makes waves rather fool proof.
  6. Spray with amika’s Style Extending Spray. I love the hold this stuff gives without being sticky or smelling bad. It certainly delivers the promise of extending style, too. I’ve slept on curls before that wake up looking like a B/B+!

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