How to Get Out of a Rut & Rejuvenate

August 23, 2017

How to get out of a rut I wit & whimsy

One of the biggest challenges I’ve personally faced since starting self employment was the amount of time I’m doing work solo. I spent ten years working on teams so working from home, by myself, has become a big adjustment. In order to combat days that can sometimes feel stagnant or low-energy, I employ a few tactics to get myself rejuvenated and feeling re-inspired.

I’m excited today, in partnership with Shiseido and the launch of their new Future Solution LX collection (more on that below!), to share how I get myself out of a rut and re-energized.

How to get out of a rut I wit & whimsy

Starting the morning slow.

I know not everyone has the luxury of setting their own schedule but since I’m an early riser and would rather not start work at 7:30, if I have a morning at home I follow a ritual of getting out of bed, getting myself ready for the day and then having my coffee while watching a portion of The Today Show. There’s something powerful about starting your day not in a rush and I often find that days that start slow are some of my most productive. (I’ll be sharing more about my exact morning routine in a post next week!)

Taking a midday walk.

Last month I started The Miracle Morning and read how taking a walk can be one of the best things to do for your mind to think more clearly. (Here is some proof.) I instantly believed there was truth to it because some of my best ideas come while I’m in spin classes. (So many times I race out of class to write an idea down on my phone before I lose it.) As I now live right near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, on days I stay in the neighborhood, I set aside 30 minutes to get outside and walk. I come back to my desk ready to tackle some of my more intimidating projects.

Changing up my work environment.

I’ve recently had this realization that my best writing is done not at home. I swear sometimes at home I stare at a blank blog post for ten minutes, then distract myself with Instagram or something equally as unproductive only to come back to stare at the blank screen for another ten minutes. But not when I’m in a coffee shop or hotel! The change of environment is sometimes exactly what my brain needs to focus.

Reading for pleasure.

I read all day everyday but most times solely with the purpose of work in mind. Whether it be for my consulting business or for blogging, sometimes I find it good for my mind to read something solely for the pleasure of just enjoying some good fiction. (Speaking of which, I’m always looking for recommendations if you have them! I just finished The Widow but that was a little dark. An easy read though!)

Airplane mode.

My goodness, what a difference this one makes in regards to feeling rejuvenated! Try in the next few days, once a day, to take one hour where you turn your phone on airplane mode. Read, catch up on a show, clean out your closet, go on a walk with a friend…whatever it may be just leave your phone on airplane mode and take back one hour where you’re not mindlessly scrolling. GAME-CHANGER.

Brainstorm with friends.

Now that I no longer have coworkers in the traditional sense, one of the most energizing things I can do is to meet up with other bloggers or consultants. I’ll work from a coffee shop with friends who are also self-employed or grab lunch with a peer who I can bounce ideas off of or get their take on a challenging situation I may find myself in with a project or a client. Inevitably after these get-togethers, I feel revived and ready to tackle whatever is on my plate. It helps me to feel a bit like I have teammates again and I love that feeling.

Now onto a bit about rejuvenating my skin with the new Shiseido collection…If you follow me on social media, you may have seen the other month when I was able to attend a special preview event with the brand. It was to get a sneak peek at the just-launched regenerative products from Shiseido’s Future Solution LX line – and I’ve now had the pleasure of testing them out over the past several weeks. The collection is formulated with an ancient herb from the foot of Mount Koya in Japan which is said to be an incredibly spiritual place and is in fact considered the birthplace of Japanese Buddhism. The special herb, Enmei, actually translates to “longevity” in Japanese and in the 8th century is said to have been used by a monk to heal a sickened traveler and restore their health.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Review

With the help of a plant hunter, Shiseido acquired the Enmei herb from the base of Mount Koya to carefully cultivate the Enmei Extract, and then combined it with some of the brand’s highly-effective skincare technology to create SkingenecellEnmei for the Future Solution LX collection. The super powerful anti-aging ingredient works to rejuvenate skin and actually helps boost its innate ability to improve its appearance at a cellular level.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Collection Review I wit & whimsy

…And let me tell you, the collection is something special. It’s rare that I use a lot of products from one particular line but as I tested each of them, I found myself reaching for each time and time again. In the top photo, I’m wearing the Concentrated Balancing Softener (which you may recognize from this post), Intensive Firming Contour Serum and the Total Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20. On days where I don’t wear any makeup but want a moisturizer with SPF, I apply the ultra lightweight Total Protective Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (it helps to minimize pores upon application, too!) Each offer instant effects so they are great for making skin feel tighter, firmer and smoother. Additionally, the Enmei in each product works specifically to help with anti-aging which, at 32 years old, I can’t get enough of. The line also smells so, so lovely so between that and the instant gratification after application, I truthfully look forward to my skincare regimen when the Future Solution LX collection is involved. If you’re looking to make an investment in your skincare, I highly recommend this line and would be happy to chat with any of you guys if you have specific questions!

And tell me…do you guys have any tried and true ways you use when you feel you’re in a rut?

Thank you to Shiseido for partnering on this post.

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    That packaging is gorgeous!! I definitely agree that changing up the work environment can help boost productivity!

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