In Pursuit of Beauty Sleep

March 8, 2017

Beauty Sleep

I’ll admit it. The older I get, the more I become a high maintenance sleeper. I’ve had issues with falling asleep for years and recently it has been more restless sleep. That being said, I started adding in various elements that claim to help sleep and I have to acknowledge that I’ve been sleeping a lot better in recent weeks! Are all the below items responsible? Who knows! But, I will say, I’ve since gotten into a steady ritual before bed this year and as a result I’ve been averaging about 8 hours of sleep at night! #Blessed

Read on for some of my favorite products to pursue the ever-important beauty sleep we all need and deserve!

How to get beauty sleep I wit & whimsy


I wrote about the Inscape app in this post (and my pursuit of practicing meditation here) but on nights when I’m feeling particularly stressed or restless, I take 15 minutes to do a meditation session. I’m instantly more calm and it is a far better way to wind down vs. scrolling through social media or watching TV which I’m guilty of doing all too often. I really like the way the sessions are guided and how approachable they make meditation feel.

WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea:

I recently listened to Elle MacPherson being interviewed on Garance Dore’s podcast and I loved everything she was saying about treating our bodies well. She swears by drinking this tea she formulated for her new wellness brand before bed and I love it! I also love this tea so I’ll switch it up each night but having a sleep tea before bed has pretty much become a must-have for me.

UMA Pure Calm Oil:

I just included this oil in my February Monthly Favorites but had to include it here as it has been part of my sleep ritual ever since I got it. It lives up to its name as I feel instantly more calm after dabbing it inside my wrists before I close my eyes.

OLLY Restful Sleep Gummies:

I don’t take these every night but if I really need some extra Zzzs, if I’m taking a red eye or sleeping in an unusual place, I’ll take one of these.

Slip Silk Eye Mask:

I don’t have shades in my bedroom so I tend to wake up naturally which isn’t a bad thing most days but sometimes I still want to sleep a bit more. I keep this eye mask in arm’s reach and pop it on when I first start to wake. I also swear by it for travel for use in hotels and on planes.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray:

Spray this on your pillow and instantly feel more calm! I talked more about it here.

And remember when I asked you guys for an alarm clock recommendation? I finally found one! It turns out finding an analog alarm clock is easier than you think. I ended up buying this one and it’s been serving its purpose perfectly as I am no longer looking at my phone in the middle of the night!

p.s. my favorite sheets (seriously obsessed and a lot of my friends have bought them & love them now!) and easy ways to update your bedroom.

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  1. Diana Pearl says:

    I just got that eye mask and I’m obsessed! It’s so soft. Sleep is just the best!!! (Lol, but seriously!)

  2. OH NO! you forgot to mention the enVy Anti-Aging pillow!

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