island time

June 22, 2011

Madewell dress, Patterson J. Kincaid cropped sweater, J.Crew sandals and necklace, Ray Ban aviators, La Mer watch

Quick snapshots from arriving in Nantucket (excuse the I rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. and hopped a plane look- unless you’d like to believe me that it’s a “very in” look right now??). I was so excited to get here that I drove right past my hotel, all around the island and then straight into town. I have so many pics to share which will come when I’m not working off a computer that likes to think its a pre-teen doing whatever it well pleases instead of what its supposed to. Twasn’t lying when I shared my packing list, either! I could not love Nantucket more. It’s so dreamy!


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  1. OOOh Nantucket! I love everything about it…especially all of the cute clothes you packed. Can’t wait to see more trip details 🙂

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