January Favorites

January 31, 2017

January Favorites I wit & whimsy

First and foremost today, I want to thank everyone who commented, emailed, Tweeted, shared on Facebook…yesterday’s post. It was moving for me to hear people’s encouragement and strength particularly because I was hesitant to hit publish. Thank you for all the beautiful reminders of how we are better together. Your commentary made my heart feel much fuller than it had just hours before. I so look forward to growing with all of you each day as we experience what is ahead. <3.

Onto more regular programming…today I’m introducing a new monthly series to the blog. I try to share favorites in series like my monthly beauty edits and the weekly round ups but they aren’t always seasonal or timely. So each month I’m going to do a Monthly Favorites post where I share the products I’ve been using or relying on all month long. Hope you enjoy it!

S’well Bottle: My trusty companion! I was, truthfully, never one of those people who toted their own water bottle all over. But guess what? Now I am! Ever since getting this chic bottle it is my way of making sure I’m drinking enough water. If I have 4 of them a day I am getting my 8 glasses in so it helps me track (along with the app I mentioned in this post.)

Buckled Booties: These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes! I wear them often when the weather is unpredictable because they hold up great with a little rain. They are so well made and often sell out (I bought mine two years ago and they keep bringing them back because they are so popular!) I am actually now considering getting the actual rain boot version because I love the style so much!

Inscape: If you read my post earlier this month on meditation, you know this is the app I’ve been using (and the studio I’ve been visiting here in NYC.) I love the audio-guided meditation it offers but after a lot of you on Instagram recommended Headspace I may give that app a go again.

Simone Perle Bra: I don’t think I will ever wear another bra that isn’t this one. I started wearing it last summer and it is by far the best bra I have ever found. I now own it in multiple colors and got rid of all my other bras!

Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Balm: When your lips are chapped, some lip products seem to make the problem worse. This one goes to work right away. Ever since getting it last month I’ve been using it religiously! I slather it on particularly before bed but also cart it around with me every day. It seems to actually keep working long after you apply it so it’s the perfect winter companion.

Everlane Card Case: When I left a traditional office job I also ditched carting a huge bag all around town! Now I opt for smaller bags and as a result I have downsized my wallet. I now carry my ID, subway card & credit card around in this lightweight little card case.

J.Crew No Slip Socks: I mentioned these socks in a weekly roundup but had to include them here as they have been like little life savers. They don’t slip down because of little rubberized edges so you can avoid that dreaded “my sock is stuck under my foot’s arch” situation we’re all too familiar with. They are perfect for ankle booties and sneakers!

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p.s. I’ve been wearing these every night this month and these are the PJs I wear all winter long.

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  1. Diana Pearl says:

    I HATE when my socks slip down, so I definitely need to try these! Thanks for the recommendation!! x

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