Learning to Love the Library

May 11, 2009

Carry-Books_300This weekend I made a super spontaneous decision to join the San Francisco library- woohoo! I haven’t frequented a library since my school days and I have to say I sort of missed it. No other place allows you to wander amidst stacks of books and take whatever you want- free of charge!

Since having been in a little book club & trying to watch less television, I’ve spent a good amount of dollars on books- most of which I’ll probably never read again. Joining the library allows me to avoid all that hassle, save money and event rent movies when I feel like it without having to pay a monthly fee- genius system when you think about it, really.

My first book I checked out? Chelsea Handler’s first book prior to My Horizontal Life which we just loved. It’s funny at a whole other level! We’ll let you know how ‘Hello, Vodka Are you There? It’s Me Chelsea” is!

photo courtesy of Real Simple

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