Learning What Not to Wear

May 28, 2009


So I have an embarassing confession. In 4th grade I looooooved me some hats. We’re talking brightly colored, often adorned with flowers hats. This also manged to garner me a few “Blossom” comments here and there. Well here’s something that makes me feel…well…I don’t know- glad I’m not in 4th grade anymore! 🙂

Why you may ask? Well tune into the brand new season of TLC’s What Not To Wear at 9pm ET/PT this Friday and you’ll see!  In the series’ first episode to feature a celebrity (and after numerous “Blossom” references over the course of several seasons), Stacy and Clinton (of whom we’re huge fans) finally take matters into their own hands and nominated actress Mayim Bialik for their fab makeovers. You can see the transformation on Friday.

Another thing about this new season that we’re way excited about? What Not to Wear will finally break down all that their makeover contendors were able to buy with their $5K.  We have ALWAYS wondered just how much they were able to get out of their dolla dolla bills.

Love it- we’ll be setting our DVRs!

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  1. Virginia says:

    LOVE IT! This is great. My embarrassing confession is I tried to copy Clarissa from “Clarissa Knows It All.” I owned about five pairs of overalls and a whole lot of flannel. Now I duck my head in shame but hey! I was young and it was the 90’s 🙂

    Thanks for the scoop!

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