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June 12, 2008

Bloomingdales (aka: Mecca!) is having one of their fabulous sales right now and might I just tell you that now would be the appropriate time to stop reading this post and run out the door to your nearest location!

Before you get ahead of yourself, however, sign up to be an Insider– trust me- it is SO worth it. The advance notices of sales (read: not getting there when everything is picked over and sooooo not a WITs style), the bonus gift cards when you hit certain spends, the event invites, the list goes on…But seriously, one of the best perks about being a Bloomingdales Insider are the private sales where you save more just for being a card holder. And if you’re like me, a very frugal WIT at times, how could you not love getting an Ella Moss dress at 40% off or a C&C tank in a fab new summer color for 20% off?

So head over to Bloomies ASAP- it’s totally worth the trip and what you get, you’ll feel fabulous in so start making fun plans for the weekend right now!

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