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August 8, 2016

The Best Little LuxuriesI am one of those people who really subscribe to the school of thought surrounding “it’s the little things.” I always try to find joy in small moments but I also have a few luxuries that – while simple in practice or purpose – really bring me joy. So I thought I’d share what those things are in today’s post.

Diptyque Candles

I’m a big candle user and have several brands I burn but Diptyque will always feel the most luxurious. Mostly thanks to their cost but the Baies and Rose candles just smell so insanely lovely that I can’t help find a little joy whenever one is lit. Nights with one of these lit on my nightstand, a cup of tea in hand and a good book are truly what sweet dreams are made of I’m quite sure.


As I mentioned in this post recently, Soulcycle feels like a form of therapy. If I’ve had a bad day I can go and spend a sweaty 45 minutes forgetting about things and just be one with my bike and heartbeat. I can tune out the noise inside my head and focus on rhythm and working hard. I’ll commit to pushing myself. These classes are very expensive but I’ve come to see them as stress relief but also an outlet which makes the price worthwhile. That being said with my new work status, I had to give up going 1-2x per week so these will be reserved for special occasions nowadays!

Eberjey PJs

No one should find as much joy as I do in pajamas but man these are THE BEST. They are so good that I have the long PJ set, the short PJ set and the nightgown. I think magical unicorns or something make the cotton these bad boys are made from but they just feel so, so amazing on. So soft, so cozy and so comfortable that putting on Eberjey pjs is legitimately a highlight of my day.

Aesop Soap

I am ashamed to admit that I paid $40 for hand soap, yes. However, every time I used said soap, I feel somewhat more justified. It is, thankfully, a massive bottle that has lasted me over seven months but I have to say that the reason I wanted this particular soap is because it is used at some of my favorite restaurants in Paris. So now every time I use this mandarin and rosemary soap, I’m transported back to the city of light even if for only the briefest of moments…

Brooklinen Sheets

I first talked about these sheets when I showcased my room refresh but they are just downright amazing. They always feel cool to the touch which is pretty amazing during the summer but they make getting into bed every night that much better. (They make getting out of bed that much more difficult on the flipside, too- ha!) Both my brother + his roommate ended up buying them after all my raving. (You can also get $15 off your order when you purchase through this link!) I have the Classic Sheet Sets in white + White Windowpane in case you’re curious.

Ugg Robe

This robe was pretty much the best thing that arrived in the mail at the beginning of this year. I was never a robe person until I tried this on. You know how amazing the inside of an Ugg boot feels when you slip them on? This is like that but even softer and better. It is heaven to slip on after getting out of the shower.

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What are some of your favorite little luxuries?

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  1. Ash Diamond says:

    I love this post and totally agree – I’d rather have a few nice things than multiples of cheap especially in these categories!!

  2. I totally agree on the Aesop soap – it is a luxury (is it really $40? Ugh I guess I blocked that out), but I can’t help but think it’s totally worth it. Something about that soap – the scent, the quality – is just so good. Funny, I actually got it because I noticed it in a few restaurant bathrooms here in NYC! Anyway, Diptyque is also a great luxury, and I would add Ladurée macarons to the list. I think my only problem is I treat myself to little luxuries a little too often 🙂

  3. Merritt Beck says:

    So true that it’s just about the little things in life! Diptyque candles are my absolute favorite! I can not get enough of them!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

  4. Cait says:

    Picking up some Eberjay pajamas for myself STAT.

  5. I love and miss Soul Cycle!

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