Lululemon: Why all the hype?

January 7, 2009

As some of you know, I joined a gym and am determined to get back to having working out be a part of my lifestyle. So far so good, but I’ve got to ask- what’s the deal with Lululemon?

I first heard about the company when I moved to San Francisco and heard all the rave reviews. Now, at the gym, every girl lined up on an elliptical is bouncing away in logoed and brightly colored-topped pants.

They are supposedly super comfy (and not to mention cute), but when I entered the store for the first time this past Sunday I nearly croaked when I saw the $97 price tag. Thus my curiousity. So can someone tell me- what’s with all the hype?

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  1. ANG* says:

    i’ll admit it. i’m utterly and completely OBSESSED in a very unhealthy way with this brand. the clothes are made well, fit great, feel great and yes – adorable. i own 4 things from there and i wear my yoga pants nearly everyday.

    while the prices can be steep…occasionally you’ll catch a sale, but if you save your pennies for those $80 pants you seriously wont be disappointed!

    and the gray hoodie i have, it still looks like new and i wear the shit out of that soy-based thing.

  2. Emily Goligoski says:

    I don’t care about jeans, shoes, or pretty much anything else as much as I do about my Lululemon tank tops. (I sort of hate that I just uttered that.) But the clothes, while pricey, are comfortable and well-made. My mom and I count it as a guilty pleasure, especially in this economy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    soo true — expensive … but soooo worth it — the cropped yoga pants are soo comfy — love wearing them to the gym on the treadmill… their shorts are amazing too!!! s

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