August 2, 2008

I went into a LUSH store for the first time today. Knowing my love of beauty products and fun packaging, it’s rather shocking I’d never found myself turning into their doors before today.

They’ve got fun and intriguing products throughout the store. I left with two new (probably unnecessary) items which I will, of course, let everyone know how they are. But what LUSH does well is making their products approachable and interesting enough that you say in your head ‘I think I really have to try this!” They have everything from thick and creamy body lotions (Dream Cream is their number one seller) to face masks you could easily mistake with cake batter (Try Cupcake, but eat something beforehand to resist the intoxicating smell!)

Their lines include organically made products and everything you could possibly imagine for the perfect bath or shower. LUSH is against testing on animals and they’ll provide you with samples with in-store purchases. Now here’s a brand that’s doing things right!

LUSH now boasts 500+ stores around the world and I highly recommend heading into one soon. Get an associate to help you and find those products that you must add to your WIT beauty routine. Shop right and you’re guaranteed to become a luscious WIT!

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