Making Friends in a New City

November 6, 2017

Making Friends in a New City

Recently I had two readers reach out asking for advice about making friends when you move to a new city so I wanted to share some thoughts in today’s post!

Making Friends in a New City

Making Friends in a New City

First and foremost I’d recommend getting involved in some extracurriculars so to speak. When I moved to New York my blog was still primarily a hobby but it helped me make friends like Taylor, Grace and Caroline. I’d see them out at events and that grew into weekend brunches and coffee dates. This really helped ease my transition into a new city and gave me new people to make plans with.

So, depending on your interests, sign up for a cooking class, try a photography course or ask around at the office about book clubs. Identify your interests and then see how you can get involved in those in a group setting! (I’m personally planning to do this by signing up for some French refresher courses this coming Winter.) Another good way to meet people is workout classes if you start going to the same classes at the same time regularly. Strike up conversation and see if you hit it off with anyone. You could grab a juice or coffee after class and if the person lives near you, it will be even easier to get together in the future.

Making Friends in a New City

Also look around at your co-workers and see who might be a good work buddy.

When I moved to New York I made one of my best friends at work! But it took asking her to grab lunch, go and get an afternoon coffee or to get drinks after a particular rough day to build that friendship. We then began hanging out on weekends and years later we even ended up living together!

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Another tradition I used to do when I had roommates that helped to expand my circle was Sunday Night Dinners. Nearly every Sunday we would invite different people over to our apartment and do a fun dinner with plenty of wine that helped wind down the weekend. With each roommate inviting different people, we ended up blending friend circles and all meeting new people.

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Finally, I’d say be sure to be in regular touch with those people you’re meeting & to follow through. The girls I’ve become closest with are those that return the same behavior I work to exhibit. We follow through with plans, we put forth effort to keep in touch and we show up for things like birthday parties and celebratory outings. All of this helps build and then maintain those new friendships!

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Any readers out there have good tips for how you’ve made friends when moving to a new city? Would love for you to share them with everyone below in the comments!

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  1. Annie says:

    Hi Meghan, I love this post. I feel like so many of my friends have left New York City in the past few years and I’m trying to expand my network beyond my world (travel magazines/media). I’ve been wanting to plan some sort of meet-up for anyone who wants to join if you’re interested – in Brooklyn Heights, where I believe you are newly my neighbor! All best, Annie Fitzsimmons

  2. Yana says:

    Something that really helped me make good friends after I moved to Philadelphia was to attend work events. I started a book club at work, got involved in volunteer opportunities at work, joined a local professional organization, and attended all work events in general.

  3. Jazmin says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I met my friends by joining a book club on Meetup! And I would love to get to meet you one day!

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