May Favorites

May 28, 2017

Monthly Favorites I wit & whimsy

I admittedly forgot my monthly favorites last month so this month I made sure to get it in under the wire with a special weekend post! Hope you guys enjoy!

Master of None:

I had started this show when it came out as I’m a big fan of Aziz Ansari’s but fell off it so when Season 2 came out I decided to play catch up. Have you guys seen it? This show is so relevant and witty and heartwarming all in 30 minutes every episode. Fun fact? I ran into Aziz at The Bowery Hotel the other weekend and told him how much I loved the second season. Ha! I particularly love the last episode.

Lulu & Georgia:

With my move this week I’ve been spending (too much) time seeking some design inspo. I’m moving into a studio so it’s going to be a challenge to put a living room and a bedroom into one room. I have been loving so many of the pieces I’ve been seeing on Lulu & Georgia and this rug and this little bench in particular. It had been a while since I perused the site and their new arrivals in particular are so great.

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencils:

I’ve loved these pencils for years because of their rich color and matte finish and was lucky enough to get a beautiful mailer recently with all of the gorgeous shades! I found myself clearing out other lip colors to make way for the new options. I’ve been wearing Mysterious Red and Sex Machine around the clock.

catbird alphabet earrings:

I finally replaced my ‘d’ earring I lost while traveling last year so I’ve been wearing these non stop this month. I love how delicate they are and that you can mix and match whichever initials mean something to you.

Rumble Boxing:

This year I vowed to try a boxing class and now I’m a bit hooked! Here in New York I’ve tried Shadowbox, Overthrow and Rumble and Rumble is far and away my favorite thus far. I’ve mentioned it before but my last class had me sore in all the right places for three days! I’m signed up to take a class this Monday and am already excited to have my butt kicked ;).

p.s. my March favorites and February favorites.

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